Meet the Toyota Fortuner that wants to be a Rs. 2.33 crore Lexus [Video]

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Toyota’s luxury car arm, Lexus is known for making some truly good looking cars. One of the finest and most famous examples of remarkable engineering and design by the company is the LFA supercar, which is considered to be the best sounding car by many enthusiasts. The company also makes a range of sedans, sports coupes and SUVs. Talking of the SUV, the LX 570 is one of the finest in its class and is based on the Toyota Landcruiser, albeit better looking and luxurious with the Lexxus badge.

Now a Fortuner has surface in India that sports the look of the Lexus LX 570 without taking your life savings. Take a look at the video below by Turbo Xtreme before we get into the details of this modified Toyota Fortuner.

The huge grille which now finds a place in the face of Toyota Fortuner is actually a signature Lexus design. going by the company’s own nomenclature, it is called as spindle grille. Of lately, it has become a distinguishing part of Lexus’s range of cars. We have seen various other examples of Toyota Innovas and Fortuners with spindle grille but this one looks far better in terms of fit and finish. The grille looks seamlessly transitioned into the Fortuner as if it came factory fitted. Let’s now move to the other details on the car.

Meet the Toyota Fortuner that wants to be a Rs. 2.33 crore Lexus [Video]

The whole front bumper has been replaced with a wider and lower piece to accommodate the spindle grille. Two inverted L-shaped LED DRLs have also been placed on either side which double up as indicators. The indicators function in a flowing type pattern which is seen on many luxury cars.

A big Toyota logo takes the centre stage on the front and matches well with the new grille. The sides get Fortuner marked fake vents which further enhance the appeal of the car. The side steps have been topped with a white cladding and a chrome strip now runs through the length of it. This is done to make the side step look more premium, in lieu with the Lexus LX 570 design.

Meet the Toyota Fortuner that wants to be a Rs. 2.33 crore Lexus [Video]

Moving to the rear end, a new bumper has replaced the stock unit here too. The bumper now is a lot more curvier and has dual tone paint shade on it. It gets two fake vents which actually are just chrome rings on the either side of the bumper. A chrome number plate garnish takes its place above the bumper. A Fortuner marked strip is also placed on the tail gate opening area to further enhance the bling factor as well as to prevent scratches during loading.

While the Big Daddy Lexus LX 570 would cost you Rs. 2.33 Crores, this little cosmetic job costs way too less compared to that figure. We are not saying that the Fortuner has become a Lexus after this. The point here is that this mod job makes it a poor man’s Lexus, though only if a Fortuner owner is to be considered poor.