Toyota Fortuner & Mahindra Scorpio get STUCK: Ford Endeavour sails through [Video]

Off-roading can be quite fun if the person develops the right skill set and a capable vehicle. While many SUVs may offer the 4X4 system with the low-ratio transfer case but the characteristics of the vehicles differ quite a much and each vehicle needs to be handled slightly differently when it comes to off-road. The new video from Anshuman Bishnoi shows exactly what we are trying to say and how handling the vehicle is an important part of making it more capable when it comes to off-road, especially if it is sandy.

The video shows a long sandy trail in the desert that gets a very loose sandy surface. The video shows the first attempt by old Ford Endeavour that can be seen climbing the uphill very smoothly and reaching the top of the incline. The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross can be seen getting stuck towards the end when the tyres start spinning. The Mahindra Thar clears the obstacle in a single attempt and reaches the top of the incline. The Maruti Suzuki Gypsy and Mahindra Scorpio also get stuck in the sandy surface and could not complete the challenge while a second attempt by the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross turns out to be futile as the pick-up truck slips and goes to the side of the track. The video also shows the old Pajero getting stuck while an old modified Toyota Fortuner climbs the obstacle. The Isuzu V-Cross tries again and reaches the top of the incline. However, the reattempts by the Gypsy and the Scorpio turns out to be completely futile.

Then comes a stock old Fortuner, that tries the climb and gets stuck in between. However, the Pajero crosses the challenge in its second attempt. The video also shows Tata Storme taking the course and failing and a modified new-generation Toyota Fortuner failing the attempt too. The new-gen Ford Endeavour makes it look like a cakewalk and completes the course without much problem. The Scorpio tries the challenge again and completes it.

The obstacle two shows the old-generation stock Toyota Fortuner and all other vehicles getting stuck in the first attempt. Only the Isuzu V-Cross and the old Toyota Fortuner complete the second obstacle.

What matters in off-roading apart from the vehicle?

Apart from a capable 4X4 vehicle with a low-ratio transfer case, there should be an experienced driver who can guide the vehicle easily through the courses. There are a few things that should be kept in mind while off-roading.

Momentum is important. When the vehicle starts to lose the grip, many car drivers simply lift off the throttle and break the momentum, which causes the vehicle to fail during an incline. It is always a good idea to keep the throttle engaged for a couple of seconds to check if the tyres regain the lost traction and the vehicle can move forward.

Driver skillset. Well, this is very important to develop skills and knowledge about the vehicle well enough. Many vehicles develop power at a different powerband which makes understanding the vehicle important. The driver skill set comes into play when the vehicle has to take difficult lines to reach the top of the incline.

Low-end torque. SUVs need low-end torque to overcome challenges. Gypsy being a petrol vehicle here develops the torque at a higher rpm, which makes the wheel spin whenever it hits a loose spot on the track. The Gypsy could not complete the challenge even after multiple attempts.

Know the line. The line of driving is very important to make sure that the vehicle takes the smoothest line on an off-roading course. The best line gives enough space to the vehicle to build momentum and also causes minimal damage to the vehicle.

Tyres. While doing extreme off-roading, tyres are a very important factor. Regular tyres are not good enough for off-roading. Big block tyres create more traction while doing off-roading and it is an important factor that decides the capability of the vehicle.