5 CRAZY things that can only be done in a 4X4 SUV like Toyota Fortuner or Mahindra Thar [Video]

Ever since the term SUV, short for Sport Utility Vehicle, came into existence, auto enthusiasts around the world were split into two halves. One considered low slung, powerful and fast cars as their love while the other sect was going gaga over the huge go anywhere capabilities of the SUVs. We today will talk about the second half of this species. The love of these people for their 4×4 vehicles is justified as they provide unmatched fun in their own way. The 5 examples below will demonstrate how these 4×4 SUVs are the ultimate tool of redemption in the modern world.

Shortcuts – Drive over the dividers for U-turn

4×4 SUVs are generally big vehicles with large turning radius and can be difficult to manoeuvre sometimes. U-turns can be especially a problem in tight city spaces. However, seems like some enthusiastic drivers have already found a cure to this while we are discussing matters here. The initial part of the video above shows a Toyota Fortuner and then a Mahindra Scorpio take U-turns by running over the dividers itself. To heck with the World they say. On a more serious note though, this is a dangerous practice which should not be done in any circumstances. It may not harm your 4×4 ride but poses a threat to other road users.

Relaxing your legs – Climb stairs in a 4×4

Now who would want to strain their legs and climb a couple of stairs when their vehicle could easily transport them to the top. Jokes apart, 4×4 vehicles can easily ascend and descend stairs without a hiccup. Armed with their powerful engines, high ground clearance and low ratio transfer case, these machines can make the impossible seem possible. The video above shows a Mahindra Thar climbing up the stairs as if that is what it was always destined to do. Land Rover even has a record to its name where a Range Rover Sport PHEV climbed 999 steps in one go.

Dune bashing in style

Ask any off-road enthusiasts and he’ll tell you that dune bashing is one of the most fun activities one can have in a vehicle. The sheer pleasure of gliding through the sand dunes while creating flying sand spirals from the huge wheels. No other normal vehicle can even think of this without getting stuck and being helped out by any other 4×4 vehicle. Trust us, you have to do this to believe it if you already haven’t done it. Like in the video above, where a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport can be seen levelling the sands.

Swim through the obstacles

Floating gypsy driven by Hasan Siddiqui

Himalayan Offroaders ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಶನಿವಾರ, ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2, 2019

It is always said that 4×4 SUVs are go-anywhere vehicles and allow one to explore the unexplored. The video above is a great example of the same. Here, a modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsy can be seen taming the heavy water current and going to the other side of the stream. No doubt that this is a feat no normal vehicle could achieve. Apart from the ease 4×4 vehicles provide in such conditions, on a lighter note they save you the money of taking a boat to the other side.

Help others – Pull out stuck Trucks

It is always taught to us from childhood that one should help the needy. After all, that’s among the basic threads of humanity. 4×4 SUVs may be fuel guzzlers, take up too much parking space and have other debatable vices, but they never step back when it comes to helping any other stuck vehicle. Like in the video above where a Toyota Fortuner can be seen pulling an Eicher truck from its troubles. Now sedans and hatchbacks can pull other small cars, but they certainly can’t pull such heavy loads so quickly without hurting their transmissions. 4×4 SUVs can easily do that not just because of their powerful engines but also with the help of the low transfer case, which multiplies the torque output about 2.2 times.