Toyota Fortuner & Mahindra Thar get stuck in slush: Rescued

Off-roading is slowly becoming popular among SUV owners in India. There are several SUV owners group that are now organising such off-road trips so that SUV owners can explore the capabilities of their vehicles and explore new places. Most of the time such trips are organised in groups and there are experienced drivers and instructors lead it. Getting stuck while off-roading is part of the fun and we have seen several videos of SUVs getting stuck while off-roading. Here we have a video where a Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Thar gets stuck in slush. Both the SUVs were rescued later.

The video has been uploaded by Small Town Rider on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friends were out on a off-road expedition. There were many other SUV owners with them in the group. They had stopped at a spot where there was an extremely slippery mud pit. The SUV owners attempted to drive through the section. There was grass growing on the slush and it looked like the SUVs can easily move through it. However, all there calculations were proved wrong when a Toyota Fortuner tried driving through it.

The Fortuner driver was not carrying momentum and approached the obstacle at a very low speed. The moment its front tyre hit the mud, the car started losing traction. The SUV move ahead and after moving few more inches, the SUV got completely stuck in the slush. All the wheels had lost traction and were spinning freely. A current generation Mahindra Thar with recovery rope and shackles pulled the Toyota Fortuner out from the slush.

Toyota Fortuner & Mahindra Thar get stuck in slush: Rescued

The Fortuner driver wanted to attempt the section again. This time he was carrying more speed while approaching the section. The SUV went in smoothly and almost at middle, it completely lost momentum and traction. Once again, the Mahindra Thar came to the rescue and pulled the Toyota Fortuner out. After the unsuccessful attempts, the Thar which was rescuing the Fortuner from the slush attempted to go over the same section. The only difference was that the driver took a different approach. He approached the slushy section through the other side.

Everything was looking good for the SUV. It came down the slope carrying good speed and hit the slushy section. The dirt in the pit was so thick that even the off-road spec tyres on the Mahindra Thar were losing grip. The Mahindra Thar was making progress slowly but after a point, the SUV got completely beached. There was no way that Mahindra Thar was coming out from that on its own. The Fortuner was then called for help and it pulled the Mahindra Thar out of the slush. The mud was really sticky and it was clearly visible in the video. After this vlogger and their friends wrapped up the event and were on their way to the place where they started. As they were going back, one of the Toyota Fortuners in the group lost the track and got stuck in another mud pit. The older generation Mahindra Thar in which the vlogger was travelling pulled it out.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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