Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster in a drag race [Video]

The mighty SUV Fortuner from Toyota has been the segment champion ever since its launch and no car has managed to budge it from the top spot. Currently, the closest rival to the Toyota Fortuner in the full-size SUV segment is MG’s Gloster. Both of these SUVs although have similar specs have a huge gap in sales volumes. Recently a video of both of these SUVs taking on each other head to head in a drag race made its way to the internet and you’d be surprised to know who the winner is.

The video of these behemoth SUVs racing each other has been uploaded on YouTube by Her Garage on their channel. The video starts with the presenter of the channel introducing both cars. She starts off with the Toyota Fortuner and mentions that the SUV is the segment favorite of most of the people in the country and comes powered by a 2.8 L diesel engine that generates 201 bhp and 500 Nm of torque. She then mentions that the Gloster is the more feature-rich model and it comes powered by a 2.0 L Turbo diesel engine producing 213 bhp and 478 Nm of torque. Both SUVs in the video are automatics.

The presenter then mentions another key detail of the SUVs that this their weight. She states that the MG Gloster weighs in at 2465 kgs and the Toyota Fortuner weighs in at 2180 kgs. There is a difference of 285 kgs between the two. She then also tells that there are spectators with them that will be watching the race and those spectators were some kids that were sitting on the divider of the highway. Following this the presenter sits inside the Fortuner for the race and mentions that they will be keeping the traction control off and will keep the air conditioning on. Both the SUVs will also be in sports mode for all the races.

Toyota Fortuner vs MG Gloster in a drag race [Video]

Following the instructions, both the SUVs lineup against each other and both the vehicles get launched. The MG Gloster gets a better launch off the line and leads the Toyota Fortuner in the first round. The Fortuner almost catches the Gloster but by the time they reach around 140 kmph of speeds. Then the second round takes place and the configurations remain the same as the first race. This time around as well the Gloster gets a better start and smokes the Toyota Fortuner. In the third round the Fortuner driver does not performs a launch start and gets a better start and comes neck and neck with the Gloster but the Gloster driver claims that the Fortuner cheated in the launch and jumped him.

In the fourth round once again the MG Gloster takes the cake and leaves the Fortuner behind. For the fifth and final round the YouTuber lets the kids sit in both the SUVs and in this round as well the Fortuner looses to MG Gloster. At last the presenter concludes that she and her crew expected the Toyota Fortuner to win but the result came a shock to them. She mentions that the kids in the beginning predicted that the MG Gloster would win and that’s what happened.