Modified Toyota Fortuner nails the Lexus look

Toyota Fortuner is the best selling full-size SUV in the Indian market. It has been a hit since it was first introduced. The Fortuner is a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts who also want a strong road presence. The SUV is known for its low maintenance cost and reliability of being a Toyota. While the new Fortuner does looks attractive, the older one did start to look a bit aged.  Some people changed the front of the SUV to make it look modern. However, some people prefer the premium look of the Lexus which is a luxury brand of Toyota. Here is a Toyota Fortuner, which has been modified to look like a Lexus.

The modifications have been done by Autorounders and the video has been uploaded on their YouTube channel. The Fortuner that we see in the video is the pre-facelifted one and it will be getting the Lexus Kit. First, the whole stock bumper of the Fortuner is removed with the stock headlamps. For the front, the kit comes with a Lexus bumper, Lexus grille which comes in different designs. Here, the person has opted for the Lexus grille with horizontal slats. The bumper does not come white so the body shop had to paint it white. There is also a Toyota logo that goes into the centre of the grille. There are two inverted L-shaped LED Daytime Running Lamps that goes into the lower half of the bumper where you would typically see foglamps. The new bumper also requires a different number plate bracket.

Then there is two chrome garnish that goes into the lower lip of the bumper. The stock LED projector headlamps has been changed by a new one. The new headlamps come with three individual LED projectors for the low-beam and one LED projector for the high beam. There are also swiping LED turn indicators which have become quite popular nowadays. The LED Daytime Running Lamp also functions as the turn indicator which also has a swiping effect. There is also a garnish placed below the front headlights. The modified headlamps do look very attractive on the Fortuner.

Modified Toyota Fortuner nails the Lexus look

Then the rear bumper of the Fortuner is modified. The rear bumper is not removed instead the new skirting is retrofitted onto the stock bumper. The new bumper gets a faux diffuser and faux exhausts on either side. An LED light bar is also installed which connects both the tail lamps. The light bar also spells out ‘Fortuner’ and it lights up in red when the brakes are applied. Then the car is taken to a paint shop where the new front and rear bumpers are painted. There are no changes made to the side profile. So, it continues to come with the same alloy wheels and side steps.

The process took 2 days to complete the modification. The narrator says that the Lexus kit is imported and is one of the highest qualities available in the market. While the Lexus Kit does look really good on the Fortuner. You must remember that it might interfere with your warranty and insurance in case of an accident.