Toyota Fortuner new mod: The Grand Canyon Kit

There are thousands and thousands of the first generation Fortuner on Indian roads. Making it look sharper is something that a lot of owners must be contemplating. Help is at hand, courtesy MotorMind Designs of Bangalore, and their Grand Canyon kit.

Toyota Fortuner Grand Canyon Edition 1

What’s it all about?

For 1.05 lakh rupees excluding GST, MotorMind will transform your old Fortuner into something that’s much more nattier looking. The Grand Canyon kit, as its name suggests, will feature a range of exterior fitments that make the SUV look much fresher than the stock version, which has started looking dated.

The major changes are up front, where the bumper is reprofiled with meaty-looking skid plates. LED DRLs can be added as an option. The front grille goes honeycomb with LED DRLs added. On the flanks, there are new graphics that run close to the floorboard, breaking the monotony of the large doors.

Toyota Fortuner Grand Canyon Edition 2

At the rear, the bumper gets reprofiled with a diffuser and additional brake lights. Twin exhaust tips are mounted on the rear bumper. The rear of the Fortuner also gets a spoiler. This is pretty much what you get with the kit. The parts of the kit can also be purchased individually. So, you do get the option of mixing and matching stuff to your tastes.

There are no changes under the hood though. The example you’re seeing here features the 3.0 liter D4D turbo diesel engine with 169 Bhp-343 Nm. Toyota also used to offer a 2.5 liter D4D engine with about 143 Bhp-343 Nm. Both manual and automatic transmission options were offered. A four wheel drive system was offered with the 3 liter motor.

Toyota Fortuner Grand Canyon Edition 4

The last-gen Fortuner continues to command good resale value in India as the SUV ages very gracefully. It’s very reliable, and Toyota’s after sales service in India is highly regarded. This explains why aftermarket modifiers continue to invest their energies on building kits for a vehicle that’s no longer available off the shelf.

Toyota Fortuner Grand Canyon Edition 5