New Toyota Fortuner vs old Fortuner in an off road face-off: Which is better [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is the most popular full size SUV in India. The big burly SUV was first launched here in 2009 and has been going on strongly ever since. Apart from the comfort and road presence it provides, the Fortuner is famous for one other reason, which is, its excellent off road prowess.

True blue off road enthusiasts swear by its capability to take down on any terrain and while the competition has got better over the time, the Fortuner is still the most popular choice. However, many people argue that the older generation Fortuner was better than the current one and vice-versa. This video below by Anshuman Bishnoi pits both of them together on sand dunes. Let’s now checkout the video and see what happens.

As seen in the video, the new generation Fortuner gets stuck at many places during the course of the video. The older generation Fortuner fares better, though it also struggles to tackle the terrain some times. Another vehicle featured in the video is the Ford Endeavour. However, we would leave the Endeavour out of this discussion today as much has been said about its competition with the Fortuner. Let’s now see why the new Fortuner kept getting into a soup during this off road video.

First of all, it is very important to know and understand this that a lot depends on the driver in such scenarios. Even the best SUVs can be made to look like complete useless in hands of an inexperienced driver. On the other hand, a experienced driver well versed with off road driving conditions can come out as a hero in the most basic 4X4 vehicle. Moving on, in the video, during the initial part it is seen that the new Fortuner takes the wrong line on the dune. This is quite apparent in the way the new Fortuner gets stuck continuously at the same spot whereas the older Fortuner that has less power makes it up the dune by taking the right line. While off roading, the right line is everything. 

Fortuner Off Road Old

Another thing which can be the reason for this result can be the weight factor. The older generation Fortuner was less powerful than the current gen SUV but it was a whole lot lighter too. The new Fortuner is based on the same platform as the older one but it has been beefed up and comes with many other enhancements at the cost of weight. Now weight is one of the most important factor involved in off road performance of a car.

The lighter a vehicle is, the better it can perform given the chassis is capable enough. In this cases, the new generation Fortuner loses out in this aspect to the older generation model. However, it comes with many other features and is more comfortable than the older SUV. But in true off road sense, it’s a step back because of higher weight.

Fortuner Off Road

Also, what is shown in this video should not be considered as the final word. This is because it is unclear whether the vehicles used were in stock form or had any special modifications apart from the ones that are apparent in the video. Also, driving on sand is never easy and can make even the best of vehicles to get stuck. The world’s toughest off road endurance race, called the Dakar rally is also conducted in a specifically chosen route that has lots of sand dunes among other things.

That being said, going by the video featured above, the new generation Fortuner is a step back from the older one in terms of sheer off road prowess. However, if you are not much into off roading, the new Fortuner is among the best SUVs money can buy in that price range. That does not mean that it can’t do off road. In fact the new generation Fortuner is very good 4X4 vehicle. However, the right line is what is the crucial difference between making it past an obstacle, and getting stuck.