Last-generation Toyota Fortuner converted into an Overlander [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is one of the popular SUVs currently sold in the market. Toyota recently launched an updated version of the SUV in Thailand and the same is expected to be launched in India too. Toyota vehicles have been popular among buyers because of their reliable engines and comparatively low cost of maintenance. Toyota Fortuner is also a vehicle of choice for many who love off-roading and modifications. Here we have one such video of a last generation Toyota Fortuner that has been beautifully converted into an Overlander.

The video has been uploaded by Get Out, GO! on their youtube channel. The video shows all the modifications that are done to this Toyota Fortuner to convert it into an overlander. The car used for this purpose was a 2012 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 litre diesel 4×4 with a manual gearbox. He mentions on video that he has many other capable off-roaders but, he chose Toyota Fortuner for its ride quality both on and off the road.

No changes are made to the engine and it all remains stock. The headlights have been upgraded to HID and LEDs for better visibility, A dual battery system up front which can be charged using portable solar panels that he carry with him. The tyres have been replaced with all-terrain tyres and the suspension duties are now taken care by Ironman heavy duty coils and the car has been lifted by 2 inches too.

There are rock sliders and on the top it has got Front Runner roof rack installed along with a roof top tent with quick release mounts. The roof rack can also hold two jerry cans if needed. It gets a small shower cubicle which can be set up in minutes. At the rear, teh bumper has been replaced with an off-road unit and the spare wheel is now mounted on the door. The main reason behind this bumper was to make more space for the long range fuel tank at the bottom and add rear recovery points.

Last-generation Toyota Fortuner converted into an Overlander [Video]

After adding the long range tank, the fuel capacity on this Fortuner is 115 litres which roughly gives a range of over 1000 kilometres. On the inside, the third row seats have been removed and a portable refrigerator, freezer and other things are installed here. The second row seats are also removable and under that seat water tanks are placed. Front row seats remains stock and no changes are made to this part of the car except for the seat covers.

The Fortuner looks quite basic from outside but is a sturdy SUV. The Toyota Fortuner’s reliable engine makes it a good choice for those who want this type of conversions. If anyone wants to go for a SUV to do similar type of modifications, it is a good idea to go for a used Toyota Fortuner as they are now available for under Rs 10 lakh.