Toyota Fortuner owner shares his experience with the SUV after completing 3 lakh km

Toyota Fortuner SUV needs no introduction. It has been in the market for over a decade and just like its price, the popularity for this SUV has also gone up over the years. If you are planning to buy a brand new top-end Fortuner in India, you will have to spend over half a crore. Like other Toyota products, Fortuner is also known as an extremely reliable SUV and we have seen some great examples for its reliability in the past. Here we have a video where an owner shares his experience with his 2017 model Fortuner SUV that has completed over 3 lakh km.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Ghazipuria on his YouTube channel. The video talks about the condition of the Fortuner after using it for over 5 years. The video starts with the exterior of the SUV. The original paint of the car is still there and the colour has not faded from any part. The front bumper on this SUV has been damaged due to heavy usage and it has been currently held in place using a screw. The quality of the chrome garnishes and the rain visor used on the car are also good. These are all genuine accessories and the quality of these accessories has not deteriorated.

The rear bumper and the taillamps on this SUV are working fine. After the exterior, the vlogger shows the interior of this 5+ year old SUV. This is where you start noticing the wear and tear in the SUV due to heavy usage. The seats and other touchpoints in the cabin had started to look old. The seats have lost their shape and the cushioning is also not very great on them. The seat cover on the second row is torn and the leather wrap on the door pads have also started look different from what they were initially. The wooden panel finish on the steering wheel has also faded away. It is now a simple red colour looking panel on the upper part of the steering wheel. The SUV seen in this video is a top-end diesel manual 4×4 variant.

Toyota Fortuner owner shares his experience with the SUV after completing 3 lakh km

Once he was done with the exterior and interior of the SUV. He then moves to the engine of the Fortuner. After completing 3 lakh km on the odometer, the SUV started without any issues. The person who is doing this video can be heard saying that he owns another Fortuner and this SUV sounds just like that. The gear lever on the manual version of Fortuner vibrates a lot after using it for this long. This is a problem that the owner has been facing. It is a common issue in many cars and we have seen this issue with many Innova and Innova Crysta MPVs too.

A vibrating gear lever may look inside the cabin on a 50 lakh SUV especially when you look at it from the owner’s perspective. Other than the vibrating gear lever, there are no other issues with the Fortuner. The video mentions that the owner has spend around Rs 20 lakh just for the fuel. This along with insurance, service and changing parts has made the overall ownership of Fortuner expensive.