Toyota Fortuner owner tries jumping kerb: Gets properly stuck [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is the most popular SUV in its segment. It is a capable SUV both on and off the road. We have seen several videos of Toyota Fortuner performing off-road without any issues. With proper modifications, Fortuner can perform brilliantly on off-road terrains. In stock form however, the road-friendly bumper affects the approach and departure angle of the SUV slightly. Getting stuck while off-roading is part of the adventure but, when you are on the road, you should always follow the rules, and taking shortcuts might often get you in trouble. A Toyota Fortuner owner learned it the hard way after he tried to jump the SUV over a median strip and got properly stuck.

The video has been shared by veeru__555_rj.04 on Instagram. In this video, we see a Toyota Fortuner SUV trying to cross to the opposite lane of the road by driving over the median strip. It looks like the area from where this video was recorded had got fresh rains and the roads were flooded. This had created a traffic jam and the Fortuner driver was attempting to either overtake other vehicles from the other lane or drive back home. He drove the SUV to the median strip. The front wheels of the SUV managed to climb up the median and as the median was not too wide, the SUV got beached.

Now, the SUV driver is in trouble as he cannot drive the SUV forward nor could he drive it in reverse. The footboard of the Fortuner was completely resting on the median. The driver even attempts to drive the SUV back but, as there are other vehicles on the road, he cannot do it. The driver then gets down the SUV, looks at the situation and asks other drivers to wait so that he can reverse the car properly. The SUV seen here in the video is a 4×4 variant as we can see the badge on the tailgate. The SUV however could not go to the other side as the SUV did not have enough momentum to get the rear wheels to the other side of the Kerb.

Toyota Fortuner owner tries jumping kerb: Gets properly stuck [Video]

It looks like the SUV is stuck and the only way, the driver would be able to get the SUV out is by using a jack to lift the vehicle. Once he lifts the car, he can put a rock under the front wheels which would help raise the belly of the SUV that is rubbing against the median. Once the underbelly of the SUV is lifted, he can slowly drive the SUV out of the situation. While driving on the road, one must always follow the rules and should avoid doing such things. This creates inconvenience for others on the road too. The chances of getting some of the parts damaged are also pretty high. SUVs have decent ground clearance and they offer enough confidence to drivers to take the vehicle through bad roads but, that does not mean, one has to break rules and drive over median to make way for themselves.

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