2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch

The Japanese automotive giant Toyota recently launched the new Fortuner Leader Edition in India. During the launch event, the company revealed a huge detail about this SUV’s success in India. Toyota has stated that ever since its launch back in 2009, the company has dispatched over 2,51,000 units of the Fortuner. This figure includes all of the generations of the Fortuner that we have seen over the years.

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch

Toyota Fortuner Recent Sales

In the month of March, Toyota managed to dispatch a total of 3,261 units of the Fortuner. The company in the same month last year managed to achieve sales of 3,108 units. This helped the brand to register a decent growth of 17 percent on a year-on-year basis.

When compared to its closest rival, which is the MG Gloster, the Fortuner has dwarfed the sales of this SUV. MG sold a total of 131 units of the Gloster in March 2024. This means that the Fortuner sales of 3,261 units are almost 25 times the sales of the Gloster. This speaks volumes about the popularity of this SUV in India.

Why is the Toyota Fortuner so popular in India?

After this fact that the Fortuner is 25 times more popular than its closest rival, you may be wondering why this is the case. You might also be questioning what makes the Fortuner so popular in India.

Well, we can tell you that there is not one but multiple reasons behind this. So without any further ado, here are those reasons.

Powerful yet Reliable Diesel Engine

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch

The first and the most important reason behind this immense popularity of the Fortuner is its diesel engine. This SUV comes equipped with the new GD-series of engines from the Japanese carmaker.

The special part about these engines is that they come with Associated ESTEC (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion) technology. This helps the engines in offering a good mix of fuel efficiency and performance.

According to Toyota, their 2.8-litre diesel engine is among the most thermally efficient motors ever made. The Fortuner’s diesel mill produces 174.5 bhp and 420 Nm of torque. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Fortuner.

Automatic Transmission and Its Off-Roading Capabilities

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch

Toyota offers the Fortuner with diverse powertrain options. It also offers it with an automatic transmission option and a 4×4 system. The Fortuner also gets a petrol engine alternative as well.

So with such a varied lineup, there’s a model tailored to every type of SUV enthusiast. Those seeking refined comfort can consider the petrol variant. Meanwhile, those desiring capable off-roading performance can explore the diesel 4×4 models.

Lack of competition

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch
Ford Everest in Nepal

The Ford Endeavour put up a strong fight, but the company had to leave India – and that challenge ended there. The Mahindra Scorpio-N, we are sure, takes away some of the buyers for the Fortuner due to its high value-for-money proposition in comparison to the Fortuner. But they belong to different segments. Here is an Australian car expert comparing the Scorpio-N to the Fortuner. The only real competition to the Fortuner comes from the imports such as the Skoda Kodiaq, but they sell in low numbers. Things might change somewhat, when Ford is back in India with the new Ford Everest.

Ease of Maintenance

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch

This one is probably one of the most significant factors contributing to the Fortuner’s popularity. Following Toyota’s tradition, the Fortuner boasts low maintenance requirements and benefits from the company’s affordable spare parts and servicing.

Additionally, the service intervals are generous, parts are of high quality, and instances of malfunctions are rare. Apart from these benefits, the extensive service network of Toyota across major cities ensures convenience. The SUV’s reliability and stellar after-sales service also add to its appeal.

Brand Appeal

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch
Toyota Fortuner

The Fortuner name itself has become a huge brand in India. It has attained a well-respected status in India. Hence, it’s no surprise that the Fortuner is the choice of a number of politicians and businessmen. This SUV, due to its commanding stance and name, has become the most popular premium ladder-on-frame SUV in the country.

Resale Value

2.5 Lakh Toyota Fortuners Sold In India Since 2009 Launch

Lastly, the Fortuner’s popularity has helped it in getting remarkable resale value. Despite its increase in price over the years, the SUV retains a substantial portion of its original value upon resale. In fact, it’s among the few cars in India that experiences minimal depreciation even after a year of use.

According to a CarWale report, the Fortuner maintains up to 85% of its original value after three years of ownership. While a new Fortuner ranges from Rs 26 lakh to Rs 31 lakh (excluding registration, insurance, accessories, etc.), pre-owned models typically fetch around 90% of their initial value. Quite impressive, isn’t it?