Toyota Fortuner remains best-seller in its segment: Why’s everyone still buying it?

Toyota Fortuner is currently in its second-generation and just like the previous-generation model, the all-new Fortuner is selling in huge numbers. Even when the industry is facing a slowdown, the all-new Fortuner is selling well above 1,000 units and in between, the sales also reach close to 2,000 units. So what makes the Fortuner so popular? What are the real reasons that make the Toyota Fortuner best-selling vehicle in its segment years after its launch? Well, we bring you all the reasons right here.

Brand trust

Toyota came out with the Fortuner in 2009 and it became a massive hit in the segment back then. The launch of the Fortuner immediately affected the sales of the Ford Endeavour in the market, which was launched before the Fortuner in India. Toyota has launched a few mega-successful vehicles in the Indian market like the Qualis and the Innova, which has, in turn, created a massive brand image for the manufacturer. Toyota is known for offering bullet-proof vehicles that can run for lakhs of kilometres without throwing a tantrum on the owner. This is one of the biggest driving forces behind the sales of the Fortuner in India.

Hold resale value

While most vehicles from popular brands depreciate as soon as one drives them off the showroom, the Toyota brand has a different following. The base variant of the Fortuner has priced close to Rs 28 lakh, ex-showroom while the top-end version is priced close to Rs 34 lakh. Even after a couple of years, the Toyota branded vehicles retain most of their value. In a study done by CarWale last year, the resale value of the Fortuner even after three years of its sale was found to be 85%, which is massive. This is another reason that drives customers to the Fortuner over its rivals.

Affordable ownership


Toyota vehicles are known for their low maintenance. The Fortuner is no different. Globally, the Toyota brand name is popular for its low maintenance cost and the same image makes the brand popular in India. The long service intervals and low service cost of the vehicle mean that the ownership cost comes down by a big deal. Also, the Toyota Fortuner does not break down as often, which is why buyers put their trust in the vehicle.

Wide range of variants

Toyota offers a range of variants, which fits the need of everyone. Toyota offers a wide range of engine and transmission options. Also, for the petrolheads, there is an option too. Even though it is only a 4X2 version, it sure is a good option to go for. The diesel engine options are available in both 4X2 and 4X4 set-up. Also, there is an option to choose from manual and automatic transmission options. While the mall roamers go for the 4X2 options, the hardcore off-roading enthusiasts choose the 4X4 option. Whatever is the requirement, Fortuner offers it all.

Highly efficient diesel engine options

The all-new Toyota Fortuner is powered by globally acclaimed GD Series diesel engine options. The new GD series engines were launched in 2015 and received a host of updates that make it very efficient. The new GD Series engines come with the Associated ESTEC technology, which stands for Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion). It increases the overall fuel efficiency considerably and also offers seamless acceleration to the vehicle. The 2.8-litre diesel engine that powers the Fortuner is the most thermally efficient engine ever and offers an efficiency of 44 per cent. It produces a maximum power of 174.5 Bhp and peak torque of 420 Nm. The ARAI rated fuel efficiency is 15.04 km/l for the automatic version and 14.24 km/l for the manual model.

Ultra-reliable after-sales service

Toyota is known for offering bulletproof reliability and much of the credit goes to the excellent after-sales network, which covers all the major towns of the country. Toyota currently offers more than 250+ service centres in India. Also, Toyota offers a range of comprehensive extended warranty packages that make ownership for lakhs of kilometres extremely easy and trouble-free.