New Fortuner gets royally stuck: Old Toyota Fortuner rescues it [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling full-size SUV in India and there is a huge fan-following of the car in the Indian market. The Fortuner’s previous-generation model and the all-new generation model are equally popular and outsell the nearest competitor by a huge margin. Toyota Fortuner is a preferred choice of many and is equally chosen by the people who want a SUV for daily usage and hardcore off-roaders too. There are quite a few off-road enthusiast who own a Fortuner and take their vehicles regularly for the events. Well, even the Toyota Fortuner gets stuck and here is a video that shows a new-generation Toyota Fortuner getting rescued by an old one.

The video by AutoTrend TV and seems to be from an event. The part where the new-generation Fortuner gets stuck is not shown but the recovery process is there in the video. According to the description of the video, the new-generation Fortuner, which got royally stuck in the slush pit is a 4X2 version. It should be known that 4X2 Fortuners are as good as any other hatchback when it comes to hardcore off-roading. The absence of the 4X4 system and the low-ratio transfer case makes it impossible for the Fortuner to go through such an obstacle.

The previous-generation Fortuner, which can be seen pulling out the stuck vehicle gets all kinds of off-road-friendly modifications too. Moreover, it gets the 4X4 system, which sends power to all the four wheels of the vehicle. That’s not it. The 4X4 variants of the Toyota Fortuner also get a low-ratio transfer case. This low-ratio gear system is very handy in the situations like this one. The transfer case multiplies the torque output by multiple times and provides all the torque needed by the vehicle when it gets into a difficult situation. This is what makes the 4X4 variants much more expensive than the 4X2 options. The capability of the vehicle increases immensely and it can really go through most of the difficult situations.

New Fortuner gets royally stuck: Old Toyota Fortuner rescues it  [Video]

In the video, we can see that the older generation Fortuner has been modified to be even more capable. The glimpses of the vehicle in the video show that it gets an off-road-spec bumper with integrated bull bar, off-road spec tyres, an electric winch embedded into the mud guard, a snorkel and a few other changes.

Many believe that a high ground clearance and massive appearance of a vehicle are enough attributes to term it as an off-roader or an SUV. However, that’s not the case. A vehicle needs to have the 4X4 system alongside all the other attributes to meet the definition of an SUV. This is why one should never take a 4X2 vehicle into difficult and tricky situations.

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