New Toyota Fortuner 4×4 gets STUCK: Mahindra Thar winches it out [Video]

Off-roading is the thing that comes to your mind when one thinks of big SUVs. It is also one the most popular activity among SUV owners around the world. Things are no different in India also. Not all, but there are a bunch of SUV owners that frequently take their priced possessions to off-road trails. Off-roading is a risky activity and there are many things that one should keep in mind before going off-road. Here is one such off-roading video by Lokesh Swami which shows a Toyota Fortuner stuck on a dune and how it was later rescued.

The video starts by showing the current generation Toyota Fortuner Stuck on the dune. The front right tyres had totally gone into the sand and the rear left wheel was in the air. A couple of Mahindra Thar can also be seen on the screen. The Driver tries a couple of times to move it forward and in reverse but every time they did it, the Fortuner was getting more and more stuck in the sand.

They even stood on the footrest to bring down the wheel which was otherwise in the air, but all their efforts were in vain. Later they started tying a rope at the rear of the Fortuner and try pulling it out using a winch on the Mahindra Thar. They secure the rope and within minutes, the Mahindra Thar pulls out the Toyota Fortuner from the loose sand.

New Toyota Fortuner 4×4 gets STUCK: Mahindra Thar winches it out [Video]

Both Mahindra Thar and the Toyota Fortuner are both 4X4s but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t get stuck. So, It is always advisable to go out for such activities in groups. If the Fortuner was all alone at the place without the Thar or any other backup vehicle, then things could have been worse.

some of the basic stuff to be kept in mind while driving on a sandy surface is to let out some air off your tires. This will sag the tires and thus increase the surface area in contact with the ground. Doing so will prevent the wheel from sinking in the sand. If in case a vehicle gets stuck during an off-road session the correct way to secure a winching rope is to cover the rope with some blanket. It is placed to absorb any of the whiplashes from the winch rope if it breaks accidentally. While pulling out a vehicle using winch it is always great if the people stay away from that area as if in case the rope breaks then it can cause serious damage to the vehicle and people standing around.