Toyota Fortuner rescuing much BIGGER vehicles: A video compilation

Toyota Fortuner has been the king in the segment since its launch in India in 2009. The SUV became a rage in the Indian market and quite literally demolished the other vehicles in the segment. The previous generation of Toyota Fortuner is powered by a 3.0-litre engine that produced 169 Bhp of power and 343 Nm of peak torque. The car also offered a 4X4 system with a low ratio transfer case. Here is a compilation of video of the previous generation Fortuner rescuing much larger vehicles, and even a boat!

The Fortuner is seen pulling a yellow school bus that got into a roadside ditch. The Fortuner effortlessly pulls out the bus after some wheel spin. People can be seen holding on to the Fortuner from the other side to provide it with extra traction.

A mini truck can be seen rescued by the Fortuner here. The unloaded mini truck from Eicher can weigh up to 7 tons and the Fortuner did a very good job rescuing the truck that got stuck in a ditch.

Toyota Fortuner can be seen often doing the job of very capable tractors in Punjab, India. Here is a video that shows the Fortuner recovering a stuck Famtrac tractor that also has a trolly attached to it.

Here is a video that shows the Fortuner pulling a mini bus on a very low traction surface. The wheels of the Fortuner can be seen spinning due to low traction. People are also helping and pushing the heavy bus forward.

Now here is something very different that we do not see every day. The Toyota Fortuner seen here is pulling out a boat that got stuck on the beach. The small size boat without any wheels can create a lot of traction and is very difficult to pull. The Fortuner is also on loose beach sand, which is a difficult surface to perform such pulling recoveries.

Not only India, the Fortuner is also quite famous in the international market. Seen here is a Fortuner that is helping a stranded truck on the highway. We are not sure the location of the incident but it is definitely not India.

Last but not the least, Fortuner is seen dragging a 7-ton tractor here. This video comes from South Africa.