Toyota Fortuner shows Ford Endeavour & Isuzu V-Cross who’s BOSS [Video]

Even though off-roading is not very popular in India, there are many enthusiasts who have formed groups and regularly go on off-roading tracks to test their vehicles in extreme conditions. A few well-known off-roading vehicles available in the Indian car market include the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner. However, there are a lot of debates on which vehicle can do what. Here is a video from Anshuman Bishnoi who tests out the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Isuzu V-Cross and other vehicles including the Mahindra Thar, old Ford Endeavour and even the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado on a challenging track to find out the best traction control system available in the vehicles.

First off the Ford Endeavour 3.2-litre 4X4 manual takes on the challenge. To make it a fair game for all, the Endeavour’s rear differential lock has been turned off. Since Toyota does not offer a rear-wheel differential lock in the India-spec model, the system has been turned off in the Endeavour too.

The Endeavor goes on the track with only the traction control system as an aid. However, it gets stuck badly and could not move forward. The same scenario happens when the vehicle tries to take on the track for the second time. The Endeavour gets stuck in the same position and could not move forward. The Toyota Fortuner comes in the next. According to the video, both the Fortuner and the Endeavour are using the same tyres of the same size. The Fortuner also goes on to take on the track with only the traction control system engaged. The result is quite surprising as the Fortuner sails through the challenge without much trouble. This has been made possible because of the A-Trac system, which will talk about later.

Toyota Fortuner shows Ford Endeavour & Isuzu V-Cross who’s BOSS [Video]

The Isuzu V-Cross comes in the next and takes on the challenge. The vehicle is kept in the same low-ratio second gear as the Fortuner and the Endeavour to keep it fair. However, the Isuzu V-Cross also gets stuck on the track. In the second attempt, the V-Cross manages to go through the challenge.

Later, vehicles like Safari Storme, Mahindra Thar, old-generation Ford Endeavour tried out the same challenge but failed terribly. None of the vehicles could go through the challenge. Even the mighty Toyota Land Cruiser Prado fails to cross the incline and gets stuck.

Now coming to the A-Trac system of the Fortuner, it works as a supplement of the rear differentials. The system monitors the movement of the wheels and detects any slipping of the wheels. It then uses the brakes to stop the spinning wheel and ensuring that the power goes to the other wheel with traction. This ensures that the vehicle passes through without much struggle.