Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in a flooded underpass: Rescued by a tractor

With the monsoons season in India, incandescent rains cause waterlogging in different regions. This abrupts the vehicular movements and sometimes causes fatalities too. In the past, we have seen vehicles getting stuck in waterlogged underpasses and other areas. Here is one such video where the owner of the car rescued himself by reaching the roof of the vehicle.

The video is from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. The video is shot from the top of the underpass by the people who were present at the spot. In the video, you can see the person sitting on the top of the Toyota Fortuner that has drowned in the water.

While we are not sure about why he entered the waterlogged underpass or how he came out of the vehicle, this could have turned the other way for the person. The later part of the video shows a tractor rescuing the Toyota Fortuner from the water by towing it out.

Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in a flooded underpass: Rescued by a tractor

There are no details on how he reached this position. However, it is possible that the driver of the vehicle misjudged the depth of the waterlogging and entered the underpass road. As the water level reached higher, it stalled the Fortuner and the person had to come up to save himself.

Hydrolock can short the electricals

Most modern vehicles are now controlled by electricals, driving them into waterlogged roads is extremely dangerous. All the windows in most modern vehicles are operated electrically and if the electricals get short due to water, they stop working.

Also, because of the level of the water outside the vehicle, it becomes almost impossible to open the door against the pressure of the water. So the only way to come out of the vehicle is to break the windows.

The side windows are easier to break than the windshield as they are not laminated. There are proper tools that are available in the market to break the windows. However, if you do not have it with you at the time of emergency, you can always use the headrests. The pointy edge of headrests can be used to break the windows and come out of the vehicle in such scenarios. However, you should be extra careful while entering a waterlogged road.

Why you should not enter waterlogged roads?

If you see that the road ahead is waterlogged and you are not familiar with the road, it is better not to enter. Many roads have deep potholes that remain hidden underwater and they can create big problems for the vehicle.

If you must go to the other side, wait for other cars to pass through as it will give you an idea about the height of the water and you can use that to pass through safely.