Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in sand: Another Fortuner comes to the rescue

Toyota Fortuner is one of the popular SUV in its segment. Toyota Fortuner is a very capable SUV and we have seen several videos of it doing off-road activities. It competes with SUVs like Ford Endeavour, MG Gloster, Isuzu MU-X in the segment. Toyota launched 2021 version of Fortuner in the market with cosmetic changes and they also introduced the Legender variant of the SUV in the market. Toyota Fortuner is available with both 4×4 and 4×2 options. If you are planning to go off-road, it is always recommended to use a 4×4 SUV. Here we have a video that shows why it is necessary to have a 4×4 SUV while off-roading.

The video has been uploaded by Ajju 0008 on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friend are travelling in two Toyota Fortuner SUVs. They are on mountain roads and they are heading towards Nubra valley. Vlogger is driving a Toyota Fortuner 4×4 while his friend is driving the 4×2 version.

Both of them drive through scenic mountain roads and they even come across broken patches in between. On his way to Nubra valley, vlogger even found a dirt road which was actually a short cut. He took that and joined tarmac. He reached the point before his friend reached who was in front of him.

Toyota Fortuner gets stuck in sand: Another Fortuner comes to the rescue


They were panting as the level of oxygen in such altitudes is very low. After driving for almost 3 hours, they both finally reach Nubra valley. After reaching the valley, vlogger’s friend who was driving the 4×2 Toyota Fortuner drives it to the sandy part next to the road. He managed to drive it to some distance but, then it finally got stuck in the sand. Vlogger then asked his friend to reverse the car slowly without loosing grip but, the sand was very loose and there was no traction on rear wheels.

The wheels kept on spinning and the SUV kept on digging in. Vlogger was not prepared for this and he mentions that they were not carrying any tow ropes. He then gets in touch with other tourists at the spot and they offer him a rope. Vlogger then ties the rope and starts pulling the SUV out of the sand. Finally, he was managed to bring the SUV out. Toyota Fortuner is an SUV but, driving a 2WD drive SUV on sand is a foolish decision.

One of the first thing that he did wrong was to drive a 2WD SUV on such surface. While going off-road, it is also recommended to lower the tyre pressure so that there tyres have more traction. Never accelerate or break suddenly on such surface as it might get your vehicle stuck. If you are driving for the first time on such surface, it is always a better idea to walk on the surface before driving on it. Finally, always carry a tow rope and other tools to recover the vehicle if it gets stuck.  If you are planning to do such activities, always go in group. In this case, there was the 4×4 Fortuner as the back up vehicle which pulled it out.

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