Toyota Fortuner SUV climbing down stairs looks easy: Should you do it?

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUV in its segment. It is an extremely capable SUV and it is known for its looks, massive road presence and reliability. We have seen several videos related to Toyota Fortuner online. It is a vehicle with lot of modification potential and we have seen several tastefully modified examples of the same as well. Off-roading videos of Toyota Fortuner are also very popular and here we have video where a Toyota Fortuner SUV is seen coming down stairs.

The video has been uploaded by THE INDIAN GARAGE on their YouTube channel. In this video, a modified Toyota Fortuner SUV is seen coming down some stairs. Before we talk about the stunt, let’s discuss the Fortuner a bit. It is a pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner SUV with decent looking modifications. The SUV is completely wrapped in a Mustard Yellow wrap. The roof of the car has been finished in gloss black. The front grille and all the chrome elements on the SUV have either been removed or completely blacked out. The headlamps and tail lamps are also smoked for a sporty look.

The next major modification on this SUV are the wheels. The original alloy wheels have been replaced with gloss black aftermarket alloy wheels. It looks like the Toyota Fortuner was brought to some college as part of a fest. Looking at the registration plate, it looks like some college in Kerala. Students have gathered around the SUV to see how it pulls off the stunt. The driver slowly moves the SUV forward and without any issue, the SUV comes down the stairs. The SUV had enough ground clearance and the bumper did not touch on the ground anywhere. In this video, the Toyota Fortuner is seen coming down the stairs but, this is not the first time, we are seeing something like this.

Toyota Fortuner SUV climbing down stairs looks easy: Should you do it?

In the past, we have seen Mahindra Thar climb up some stairs. There are even videos of Force Gurkha, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mahindra MM540 climbing up and down the stairs. It looks very easy on video but, if not done properly, it can easily go wrong. If the SUV or the car does not have enough ground clearance, the bottom would easily rub against the stairs and can damage the underbody. Not just that, the bumpers would also get damaged if the overhangs are too long on the SUV. SUVs are usually top heavy and it you cannot control the speed while coming down the slope or stairs, there are chances that the SUV might tip over.

Other than this, suspension of your vehicle has to undergo a lot of pressure when you are doing such stunts. If you do such stunts very often, then be prepared to spend a lot on repairs in future. In this case, there were several students around the car. If the driver loses control over the vehicle for once, it can easily lead to an accident. For all these reasons, it is always recommended to do such stunts in controlled environment.