Toyota Fortuner SUV drowns while attempting to cross an overflowing river [Video]

Almost every part of the country has been experiencing heavy rains, and several low-lying areas and roads have already become flooded. Over the past couple of weeks, we have come across videos and images depicting vehicles, including cars and bikes, getting trapped on flooded roads and rivers. Some drivers misjudge the water’s depth and end up driving into these hazardous areas. Numerous videos have emerged where people have miraculously escaped from such accidents. One such video showcases not just one, but two Toyota Fortuner SUVs being submerged after being driven into overflowing rivers.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on their YouTube channel and was subsequently reposted by one of their subscribers. The initial video was shot in Maharashtra, Vasai. The footage portrays a river surging over a road, with people waiting for an opportunity to safely cross. A rock barrier lines one end of the road. Excessive rain led to the nearby river’s water level rising, exacerbating the situation. While bystanders were exploring ways to navigate this section, an overly eager Toyota Fortuner owner impulsively drove the SUV into the river.

Initially, the water didn’t seem too deep. However, as the SUV moved forward, the driver realized its actual depth, resulting in the lower half of the vehicle being submerged. Although the Toyota Fortuner boasts a water wading capacity of approximately 700 mm, mastering such a forceful river crossing demands specific skills. Unfortunately, the Fortuner driver lacked these skills, which became quite apparent. As the SUV became entirely immersed in water, its rear began to float, indicating that the featured Fortuner was likely the 2WD version.

Toyota Fortuner SUV drowns while attempting to cross an overflowing river [Video]
Fortuner downed in river

Given that the Fortuner is a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) SUV, with the rear now elevated, the driver lost control, causing the SUV to drift. Ultimately, the Fortuner spun and collided with the rock barrier. Observers can be heard in the video expressing that the action was entirely unnecessary and that the Fortuner driver could have exercised patience like others present. Evidently, the owner overestimated the SUV’s capabilities, leading to this unfortunate outcome. The video clearly shows the SUV being trapped against the barrier by the strong current, with water entering the cabin.

The video also documents another incident from Assam, where a Fortuner ends up submerged in a river. According to reports, the owner was driving the SUV across a riverbed when the water level suddenly surged due to Bhutan releasing water from a dam’s shutters. The SUV became stranded, and nearby locals successfully rescued the occupants. Unfortunately, exact details of this incident are unavailable. There exists a distinction between bravery and foolishness. In the first scenario, the Fortuner owner acted recklessly by driving into the river without comprehending the depth and currents. Even if one possesses a highly capable SUV, it is always prudent to avoid traversing flooded roads.

Both incidents featured stock SUVs, which exacerbated the situation. The risk of water entering the engine is substantial, and if this occurs, the engine may become hydrolocked, necessitating expensive and time-consuming repairs. In both cases, carefulness could have prevented these predicaments.