Toyota Fortuner with Lexus body kit & Tesla-style infotainment screen [Video]

Tesla Fortuner Featured

The Toyota Fortuner is undoubtedly the most popular SUV this side of Rs. 40 lakh price mark. Launched here first in 2009, the initial response for this butch SUV was such that Toyota had to halt bookings in order to keep up with the demand. The latest generation model is equally popular and is the best seller in its segment. Naturally then, the aftermarket accessories and modification shops have a ton of accessories and body kits for the Fortuner. The video below by JJ Automobile Vlogs shows a Toyota Fortuner that has been fitted with aftermarket body kit along with a Tesla-inspired touchscreen infotainment system. take a look at the video below to see how the car looks. 

The Toyota Fortuner is already one handsome looking car and this is one of the reasons why it sells so well. While the older generation models had a more brutish design, the current generation model has a more swanky and flowing design. This is further complemented by the body kits and other accessories that have been fitted on the white coloured Fortuner above. White is one of the most common colours seen on the Fortuner and this body kit creates a good looking contrast with black bits plastered around the body. Let’s now get to know about the modifications done on this one in more detail.

The most prominent change on the outside is the big black grille which gives it an intimidating appearance. It gets a big Toyota logo at the centre along with a TRD logo towards the bottom. A thick chrome slab has been mounted on top of the grille with ‘FORTUNER’ engraved in bold on it. The headlights have been lept stock but covered with chrome surrounds as well as black plastic body kit detailing. The same is seen on the wing mirror, which is now a dual tone unit and fitted with stylish aftermarket LED turn indicators.

Toyota Fortuner with Lexus body kit & Tesla-style infotainment screen [Video]

Another interesting accessory added on this Fortuner are the automatic folding side steps. They come out when any door is opened and get back in, hugging in lower body when the doors are closed. Apart from the obvious wow factor these side steps carry, they also result in better ground clearance of the SUV. White window visors are another feature on the side. Moving to the rear end of this SUV, here it gets Lexus styled LED tail lights with black inserts, pillar mounted stop lights, LED reflector lights, custom boot sill plate, an aftermarket exhaust tip, and an aftermarket fuel filler cap.

On the inside, the major change is the presence of a Tesla style infotainment system. This aftermarket infotainment has a massive 12-inch screen and when installed, takes up the area for the AC controls as well. The AC controls are built in the lower part of the screen itself. The car also gets a 360-degree camera and tire pressure monitoring system along with a host of other new toys.