The Toyota Fortuner can truly go ANYWHERE: 6 videos that prove this

While Toyota is currently testing the facelifted version of the Fortuner in India and it is expected to launch in the coming few months. The Fortuner has always been a successful car in the Indian market and it has a massive following. The Fortuner in India offers the A-TRAC  or Active Traction control that works as a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) and ensures that the SUV can reach the most extreme places. Here are six videos that show the capabilities of the Fortuner.

River crossing

This is the second-generation of Toyota Fortuner crossing the Sutlej river. The video shows the vehicle crossing the river comfortably without breaking a sweat. The Fortuner has a massive ground clearance of 220mm, which ensures that it can cross high water level without any problem. The exhaust manifold of the Fortuner is positioned higher to ensure that water does not enter exhaust pipe easily.

Driving in deep snow

Here is another video of the Toyota Fortuner that shows it going a blanket of snow. This is a few feet high snow cover in Chanshal Pass, Himachal Pradesh, which is also one of the most isolated places in the region. The Fortuner can be seen with snow chains and ploughing through snow without showing any discomfort.

Driving in sand

This video shows a Toyota Fortuner going through the sand dunes in Rajasthan. While there are many videos of the Toyota Land Cruiser doing dune bashing in the middle-eastern countries, the Fortuner can be seen tackling the massive dunes without any problem. By ensuring that the air pressure of the tyres is reduced for better traction, such drives can be done in 4H mode.

Hill climb

A modified version of the Fortuner can be spotted doing a hill climb with utmost ease and focus. The SUV is climbing the incline by utilising the low-end torque of the diesel engine. Also, the Fortuner offers Hill Assist Climb that ensures that the vehicle does not roll back if you have to stop mid-way.

Slush driving

This video of the Toyota Fortuner shows the vehicle driving through slush. Driving through the slush can be extremely challenging and going through it successfully depends on a lot of factors, including the type of tyres installed in the vehicle. This video shows how it is done properly. Always, remember to give your vehicle a proper wash after battling slush as the fine sand can create a lot of problems in the car.

Stair climb

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Here is a video of the Toyota Fortuner climbing a set of steep stairs. While the video shows that the Fortuner does not face any problem while tackling the stairs, owners should refrain from taking the vehicles on such stairs as it can affect the suspension of the vehicle.