Toyota Fortuner trying shortcut gets royally STUCK on railway track [Video]

Indian roads see one of the most bizarre incidents. While a number of accidents take place on the roads daily, a few car owners take it to the next level to save time. A Toyota Fortuner from Ludhiana got stuck in an awkward position on a reportedly busy railway line in Ludhiana.

What happened here?

The video is from Ludhiana and it shows an older generation Toyota Fortuner stuck on the railway line. According to a report, the driver of the Toyota Fortuner decided to take a shortcut when one of the flyovers in the city was closed down for the repairs. The Fortuner owner overestimated the capability of the Fortuner and was rescued just in time.

Toyota Fortuner is extremely capable off-roader but most off-roading SUVs would find crossing a railroad quite difficult. The Fortuner’s underbelly got stuck in the loose gravel and the railway line while the tyres were unable to find any traction. It is said to be a busy line with average train frequency of 25 mins. However, trains did not come during the incident or it could have turned into a disaster. After calling for help, when no one arrived at the spot, locals decided to the help the stuck SUV. The local crowd pushed the Fortuner in the reverse to get it free from the railway track.

It is not known if the authorities were involved in the incident. It is illegal to cross the railway track like this and the vehicle was obstructing the railroad, which is a criminal offence in India. It is quite possible that authorities did not get to know about the incident and the Fortuner driver was let go without any fine or penalty.

Toyota Fortuner trying shortcut gets royally STUCK on railway track [Video]

There are numerous unmanned railway crossings in India. Most of these crossings see a few incidents every month. Railway crossing is dangerous and one should proceed with caution. It takes a lot of distance and time for the trains to come to a halt because of their high momentum and be rest assured that there is no car that can endure a hit from a high-speed train. It is always better to check the surroundings properly and never venture into the railway tracks.


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