Toyota Fortuner: Type 1 beautifully modified to look like Type 2 model

Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUV available in India. Just like any other Toyota product, Fortuner is known for its reliability and low cost of maintenance. Fortuner is so popular in the country that even today people are ready pay decent amount to a well kept first generation Fortuner. It is a proper SUV and people often modify Fortuner to make it even more suitable for off-road purposes. We have seen several modified Fortuners of that sort in the past and we have even featured many of them on our website. Here we have a video that shows a first gen or Type 1 Toyota Fortuner SUV that has been beautifully modified and converted to look like a Type 2 model.

The video has been uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on their YouTube channel. The vlogger shows all the modification that has been done to the SUV and also gives an idea about the overall cost of this project. The vlogger even shows how the Fortuner looked when it had arrived at the workshop. As part of the conversion, several panels on the Type 1 Fortuner had to replaced. The front bumper, grille, headlamps, bonnet, side fenders and rear bumpers were all removed.

Type 2 panels were then installed in place which completely transformed the look of the SUV. The whole SUV was then painted in a booth and then wrapped in a shade matte green colour. All the chrome elements of the SUV were blacked out for that butch look. The headlights now get custom made LED DRLs with turn indicators and projector type lamps. Coming to the side profile, there is black colour on the wheel arches, roof rail, ORVMs and door handles. The stock alloy wheels are painted in black with red calipers.

Toyota Fortuner: Type 1 beautifully modified to look like Type 2 model

The rear gets Type 2 aftermarket LED tail lamps. Moving inside, the cabin has been completely revamped. The cabin now gets a red and black theme which gives it a sporty look on the inside. The seats are wrapped in black colour Nappa leather with red stitching on it. A diamond pattern in seen on the seats and the roof liner which has also been redone. Some of the panels on door have been hydro dipped and get carbo fiber finish to it.

The dashboard has been completely painted in black and the company fitted entertainment system has been replaced with a Tesla like Android screen. This screen shows all the essential information and also shows feed from the rear parking camera. The Tesla screen can be controlled using the buttons mounted on the steering too. Other than that, there is ambient lighting as well.

Overall, the conversion and the modification work on this Fortuner looks very neat. It will be hard for anyone to figure out that, it actually is a Type 1 Fortuner. Vlogger even gives a fair idea about the overall cost of this conversion. Just the conversion part would cost approximately Rs 1 lakh. If customer is looking for a conversion plus modification job, then the cost would be around Rs 2 lakh.