Toyota Fortuner Type 1 converted into Type 2 with imported Lexus kit [Video]

In another captivating conversion video from Autorounders, featured on their popular YouTube channel, automotive enthusiasts and Toyota Fortuner lovers were treated to an enthralling transformation. We have previously featured Autorounders on Cartoq several times for their exceptional craftsmanship, and in this recent video, the shop showcased the conversion of a Type 1 Toyota Fortuner into the sleek Type 2 variant, complete with an imported Lexus kit.

The Autorounders’ video begins with the presenter mentioning that this Type 1 Fortuner has come all the way from Karnataka to their shop in Pune. He then explains that they will be converting this Fortuner from Type 1 to Type 2 with a Lexus kit. This conversion involves changing an array of components, including new headlights, fenders, grille, and a revamped bumper, all to replicate the dynamic appearance of the Type 2 model.

Additionally, the rear bumper will be swapped for one featuring faux exhausts and a sportier rear diffuser, perfectly complementing the enhanced aesthetics brought about by the Lexus kit. The presenter mentions that despite the existing good condition of the car’s interior, it will undergo a striking transformation. They plan to apply an all-new black-and-white theme, elevating the interior’s elegance and offering a luxurious touch.

Toyota Fortuner Type 1 converted into Type 2 with imported Lexus kit [Video]

The video then shows the entire conversion process, which begins with the disassembly of the Fortuner. This step ensures a clean canvas for the forthcoming upgrades. Subsequently, any dents and imperfections on the body are expertly removed, setting the stage for the primer application. With precision and skill, the new paint is applied to the car’s exterior, ensuring a flawless finish. Once the painting process is completed, the car is attentively reassembled, with each part fitting seamlessly to create a cohesive and visually stunning final product. The imported Lexus kit has truly breathed new life into the Type 1 Fortuner, turning it into a modern and eye-catching Type 2 variant.

Why do people opt for converting old Toyota Fortuners?

Aesthetic Appeal

The primary reason driving the popularity of Fortuner conversions is the desire for an updated and contemporary appearance. By converting their old Fortuners into newer-looking models like the Type 2, owners can experience the joy of driving what seems like an entirely different vehicle without incurring the cost of purchasing a brand-new car.

Cost-Effective Upgrade

Toyota Fortuner Type 1 converted into Type 2 with imported Lexus kit [Video]

Acquiring a new car, especially a high-end model, can be a significant financial commitment. Converting an existing Fortuner to a more sophisticated version with the addition of a Lexus kit offers an affordable alternative for those seeking a fresh, stylish look without breaking the bank.


Every car enthusiast desires a vehicle that reflects their unique taste and style. Conversion allows Fortuner owners to customize their ride, making it a one-of-a-kind automobile that stands out from the crowd.

Enhancing Resale Value

Toyota Fortuner Type 1 converted into Type 2 with imported Lexus kit [Video]

Upgrading an old Fortuner with modern features and design can substantially increase its resale value. Prospective buyers are often drawn to vehicles that boast contemporary aesthetics and resemble the latest models in the market.

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