Old Toyota Fortuner To Latest-Gen Legender Conversion On Video

toyota fortuner to legender conversion on video

Launched in 2009, Toyota Fortuner has built a cult following in the Indian market. As the brand is known for manufacturing rock solid engines, seeing years old Fortuner still running on the road is not uncommon. Currently, Toyota sells the second generation of Toyota Fortuner in India. This SUV is currently sold in three versions: regular, Legender and GR Sport. Today, we will cover the 100 % conversion of a first-generation type-1 Fortuner into the second-generation Fortuner Legender. This modification job differs from others as it includes the complete conversion from all sides. We have seen other conversion projects, but this one stands out due to its quality of work.

The job is performed by Autorounders, who have uploaded a video of it on YouTube. Even though they have titled this project 100% conversion, this does not include the interior. We have seen multiple first-gen Fortuners whose interiors have also been upgraded.

The video starts with the SUV’s before shots, which is a Type 1 Fortuner. After showcasing the before condition, the video shifts to the shots of the team working on the car. The host mentions that the chassis, front two doors and the car’s roof will be retained.

He adds that everything else will be changed. He also adds that they do not perform any such task that compromises the safety and only work on those parts that can be removed easily. They do not do Any such task requiring cutting and welding of the major components of the car.

Old Toyota Fortuner To Latest-Gen Legender Conversion On Video

In addition to the conversion, the color of the car is changed to a premium shade of black which is called Attitude Black.  At the front, the changes include bonnet, bumper, fenders, lights and grille. The side profile of the car has been completely upgraded, with the roof and the front doors being the only old parts.

The host mentions that the work at the C-Pillar is particularly tricky as the new Fortuner has a floating roof design. The alloy wheels have also been upgraded to increase the SUV’s visual appeal. Each and everything of the rear profile is changed, including the spoiler, tailgate, bumper, lights and windshield.

The host mentioned that for the fitment of taillights, some fabrication of the rear quarter panel had to be done. After showing the changes done to the exterior, the host steps inside the car to showcase the work they have done to the interior.

The interior has been kept original, but it has been restored. The theme has been changed to black with tan. Even the roofliner of the car has been changed to black. Other additions include Rolls Royce inspired star lighting and a Tesla inspired vertical touchscreen infotainment system.

The host highlights the car’s steering wheel, which has been upgraded to GR Sport steering, which has a much more premium and sporty feel. He also mentions that the car’s seat covers have been custom-made. The video concludes with the B-roll of the SUV. There is no mention of any performance upgrades being done to the car.