Toyota Fortuner Type 1 model neatly converted into Type 2 [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is currently the most popular SUV in its segment. The SUV is popular among buyers for its reliable engine and low cost of maintenance. Fortuner is a popular SUV among off-road communities as well. People who own first generation Fortuner are still using it without any major issues and for those who do not wish to spend a huge amount of upgrading to the new Fortuner, there are conversion and modification kits available in the market. Here we have a type 1 Fortuner SUV that has been neatly converted into Type 2 Fortuner.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, a type 1 Fortuner of a customer came to the garage and the owner wanted a simple type to type 2 conversion. There are variety of modification options available for Fortuner in the market but, the owner wanted a clean look for his SUV. The SUV was looking decent and there were minor dents and scratches on some of the body panels.

As part of the conversion, the bonnet, bumper, front grille, headlamps and fenders were all removed. The original paint on the SUV was removed from panels where they spotted dents. The dents were corrected using dent puller machine and once that was done, the paint on the car was all removed using sander. A thin coat of putty was also applied on the portions where the dents were pulled out. This was done to get an even finish. Excess putty was sanded away from these portions as well.

Toyota Fortuner Type 1 model neatly converted into Type 2 [Video]

Once this was done, the car was taken to the paint booth and whole car was painted in Fuji White shade which is usually seen on Jaguar cars. The workshop used premium quality paint and the same was reflecting in the final product as well. The new panels that make this type 1 Fortuner look like type 2 were also painted in the paint booth. This set up helps them get an even finish or factory finish to the car. The front grille, headlamps and bumper at the front were replaced. The bonnet was also replaced, along with the fenders. The bumper now gets projector type fog lamps and the headlamps are all from Type 2.

Coming to the side profile, the owner wanted to get a clean type 2 look for the SUV, so the workshop replaced the type 1 alloy wheels with type gun metal grey coloured alloy wheels. As we move to the rea, the type 1 tail lamps have been replaced with a clear lens unit from type 2 Fortuner. The chrome applique between the tail lamps with Fortuner branding was also added. The bumper on this SUV was also changed as part of the conversion.

Along with the exterior, the owner wanted the interiors to be customised as well. He opted for tan and black dual-tone theme. The dashboard and all plastic panels have been finished in black while the door pads, seat covers are all wrapped in leatherette material. The custom made seat covers fit perfectly and the cabin looks premium. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather as well. The work done on this SUV looks very neat and the SUV does not look like a type 1 Fortuner from any angle.