Toyota Fortuner Type 2 converted into Legender: Transformation captured on video

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most sought-after SUVs in the country, and since its launch, its demand has never dipped. The model is known for its imposing road presence and reliability. Even the older Type 1 and Type 2 Fortuners are still running on roads. For this reason, a number of people are converting them to look like the newer generation models. Recently, a video of the conversion of a Type 2 Toyota Fortuner into a Legender has been shared on the internet.

The video of the Toyota Fortuner Type 2 conversion into a Legender has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders. The shop is known for its expertise in the conversion of popular vehicles in India, with shops located in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. In this particular conversion video, the owner of the shop starts with an introduction to the SUV. He states that this car belongs to one of his close clients and mentions that his client has been wanting to get this conversion done for a long time now.

Following this, he explains that they will be converting the Type 2 Fortuner’s front end to the Legender front end. He adds that one unique thing about this particular conversion will be that they will be converting the rear end to the Legender as well. The presenter reveals that rear-end conversion of Type 2 Fortuners is not very common because it takes a lot of time, and custom panels have to be built and fabricated to fit the slimmer taillights. However, this particular client also wanted to get this conversion, so they will be doing it. He adds that the car will be getting a complete color change as well.

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 converted into Legender: Transformation captured on video

After the introduction, the car is disassembled by the technicians. They remove the front headlights, grille, bumper, and both fenders, and test fit the entire Legender front end. The video then shows a fabricator cutting and welding custom mounting points and crevices for the new aftermarket Legender taillamps. Following this, the car goes through the process of denting, where the technicians remove all the dents and put a glazing putty on the car. They then sand the entire car down smooth before applying the primer and resanding it.

Following the process of denting and smoothing the panels, the SUV goes into the paint booth, where the painter handpaints the entire car in Porsche’s Black color. The presenter further mentions in the video that they use high-quality premium materials imported from Germany and France for their shop. The presenter also adds that the car will also be getting new leather seat covers, as the old ones have deteriorated quite a bit and need refreshment. He also adds that the door cards will also get leather portions.

At the end, the complete car is shown with some beauty shots. The car looks completely like a Legender on the front, and the rear also gets the same lights as the Legender. The presenter then introduces the owner of the vehicle and takes his feedback. The owner of the Fortuner states that he loves the work done by the shop and that it is better than expected.

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