Toyota Fortuner Type 2 converted with Lexus kit along with Tesla-style touchscreen [Video]

toyota fortuner to lexus featured

The Japanese multinational automaker Toyota Motor Corporation’s SUV Fortuner for the longest has remained the segment leader virtually without any competition. The SUV has always been known for being imposing on the streets yet being extremely reliable. This is one of the reasons that even the type 1 and type 2 series of this SUV are still on the road. The only downside of these older models is that they have started to look a little outdated and this is why owners of these vehicles are now upgrading to newer generation models with custom kits. Recently, a video of a type 2 Fortuner customized with a unique Lexus Kit also made its way to the popular video-sharing platform YouTube.

The video of a white Toyota Fortuner with an all-new Lexus body kit was shared by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The shop has gained a ton of popularity in India for customizing a variety of cars from exterior to interior. In the most recent video, the owner of the shop introduces the type 2 Fortuner that is about to get modified. He tells that the car has come to their Mumbai workshop all the way from Gujrat. He then tells that they will be converting this SUV from type 2 to Lexus with a custom body kit.

Following the introduction, the owner of the shop and presenter then adds that they will be painting the car in the same white color. He tells that as part of the Lexus kit, a new front bumper and a new grille comes as standard. He adds that the headlights remain the same but if the customer desires they can also add a custom LED headlight setup as well. He also tells that the imported Lexus kit also comes with LED DRLs in the front bumper as well.

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 converted with Lexus kit along with Tesla-style touchscreen [Video]

Moving on to the side, the presenter reveals that one unique thing about this conversion will be that they will be changing the stock 17-icnh alloy wheels setup with an upgraded 18-inch type 3 alloy wheels setup with all-terrain tyres to make the SUV look a lot more sportier. He then adds that a complete interior customization will also be done. He then moves towards the rear section of the cars and adds that the rear bumper that comes with a dummy diffuser and different look in the Lexus kit will be also installed.

The video then shows some b-roll footage of the car for noting the “before” look and then the car goes into the workshop. Following its arrival at the workshop the technicians then start disassembling the car and open all the bumpers, headlights and taillights. Then they start with the dent removal process using pulling machines and following this they add glazing putty and sand the entire vehicle before painting. The car then goes into the paint booth and gets completely painted in the same white color as before. Following this car gets buffed and polished and then gets revealed.

Finally at the end the presenter then adds that the with the interior customization they have also added an all-new Tesla like full touchscreen infotainment system as well. The beauty shots of the customized car shows that a starry light headliner has also been added along with ambient lighting as well.