Toyota Fortuner Type 2 modified with Lexus kit looks great [Video]

The Fortuner, manufactured by the Japanese multinational automaker Toyota Motor Corporation, has been the most popular SUV in the full-size SUV segment in India since its launch. This model is renowned for its imposing appearance, substantial presence, and exceptional reliability. The Fortuner is so durable that even the first and second-generation models of this SUV are still going strong. However, due to their long tenure, they have become somewhat outdated in terms of aesthetics. To address this issue, a significant number of people are now upgrading their SUVs with new body kits. Recently, a video showcasing the facelifting of a type 2 Fortuner with a Lexus kit was shared on YouTube.

The video, featuring the Fortuner conversion with the Lexus kit, was uploaded on YouTube by Raahee on their channel. The video begins by introducing the car and the owner of the shop where the conversion will take place. The presenter asks the shop owner to provide a brief overview of the car’s condition and the modifications that will be made to the SUV. The shop owner mentions that this car, which has traveled all the way from Mumbai, has arrived at their shop in Delhi. He states that they will be installing an all-new Lexus-type body kit to give it a more distinctive appearance.

The shop owner explains that the entire front of the car will be changed. He mentions that the front grille, bumper, and other minor components will be replaced to fit the Lexus design. Additionally, he notes that the headlights will be replaced with aftermarket ones to enhance the car’s look. The owner further states that high-performance blue-cut LED projector lights will be added to the fog lamp housing to improve the road illumination.

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 modified with Lexus kit looks great [Video]

Moving on, the owner mentions that the side plastic moldings will be removed, and the entire car will be repainted. He adds that the side mirrors and the bonnet scoop will be painted black instead of the original white color. The owner also states that the SUV will receive a new rear bumper and taillights. He also states that the alloy wheels will also be hydro dipped in black. The presenter showcases the gutted interior, and the owner explains that the entire interior will be soundproofed using damping material, with an all-black finish. He mentions that the black leather seats will have red stitching and carbon fiber accents.

The presenter then reveals the completed car, featuring all the modifications mentioned above. Additionally, he mentions that they have installed a starry light headliner and ambient lighting, reminiscent of Rolls Royce. Mechanically, no changes have been made, and the car remains unaltered. In the video the owner of the shop adds that the entire job has been done in house and it takes around a week to complete this type job. He states that the timeline could differ sometime if there is a little extra work load.