Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with Lexus kit looks beautiful – Custom red paint and interior [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner, as we have mentioned a million times before, is the most popular SUV in its segment and has been around for ages. This behemoth of an SUV from the Japanese multinational automaker has captured the hearts of numerous buyers in the country since its launch. The SUV has established an indomitable image in the Indian market because of its massive appearance and bulletproof reliability. The Toyota Fortuner is so reliable that even people with first and second-generation models are still not selling them; instead, they are retrofitting them with custom body kits to make them look fresh and new. Recently, a video of a Toyota Fortuner fitted with a Lexus body kit has been shared online.

The video of this Toyota Fortuner conversion has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. The shop is known in the country for their expertise in performing these types of conversions. Over the last few years, they have facelifted and modified numerous Toyota Fortuners and Innovas, along with other popular cars in India. This particular video is a little different from others because the shop owner has not provided specific details about the modifications done on this car. However, we can observe from this amazingly edited video that the SUV before the conversion was a white Fortuner Type 2 model.

Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with Lexus kit looks beautiful – Custom red paint and interior [Video]

From the video, we can see that the car before the conversion was not in very good condition. It was stripped down completely, and the entire bodywork was performed to prepare it for a new paint job. The car in the video then receives a Rubino Red paint job, along with a new Lexus-like body kit, which is a popular choice among Fortuner owners looking to revamp their cars. Afterward, the car is delivered to the family to which it belongs, and a ton of B-roll footage has been added to highlight the work done on this particular car.

Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with Lexus kit looks beautiful – Custom red paint and interior [Video]

One of the main highlights of this particular Toyota Fortuner is the interior work. From the video, it can be noted that the entire interior has been completely reupholstered. The new interior of this car includes custom white seat covers with red stitching, a starlight roof liner similar to Rolls Royce, repainted interior trims, and numerous other small details. The car was also given a set of new aftermarket alloy wheels. Overall, the car looks amazing in this unique Rubino Red shade, along with its distinct interior.

Why is Toyota Fortuner so popular in India?

The Toyota Fortuner has gained immense popularity in India for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a rugged and commanding appearance, which appeals to the Indian market’s preference for robust and muscular SUVs. The Fortuner’s bold and aggressive design exudes a sense of power and dominance on the road. Secondly, the Toyota Fortuner is known for its exceptional reliability and durability. In a country with diverse terrains and challenging road conditions, Indian consumers value a vehicle that can withstand rough usage and deliver consistent performance. The Fortuner’s strong build quality, coupled with Toyota’s reputation for reliability, has made it a trusted choice among Indian buyers.

Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with Lexus kit looks beautiful – Custom red paint and interior [Video]

Additionally, the Fortuner offers excellent off-road capabilities, allowing enthusiasts to explore and conquer various terrains. Its high ground clearance, robust suspension, and advanced four-wheel-drive system enable it to tackle challenging landscapes, which is particularly appealing to adventure seekers and nature lovers. Furthermore, Toyota’s strong brand presence and extensive service network in India contribute to the Fortuner’s popularity. Buyers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with easy access to service centers and a wide availability of spare parts.

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