Toyota Fortuner Type 2 neatly modified to look like a luxurious Lexus SUV [Video]

The Japanese automaker Toyota’s Fortuner is easily one of the most popular SUVs if not the most popular SUV in the country. Over the years the company has upgraded this SUV a few times, and currently we have the third generation of this SUV. The Fortuner is built to last and which is why there are still a number of old type 1 and type 2 Fortuners that are running beautifully but have started looking outdated. This is why people have now started modifying these SUVs to make them look like a newer gen model or sometimes a completely different vehicle just like the one here.

Recently a video was shared by the country’s one of the most famous autobody shops – Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter shows a White type 2 Fortuner that had to come to their shop to get a fully customized look on the outside. This Fortuner came to Autorounders’ Pune workshop which they have recently inaugurated. They also have workshops in Mumbai and Hyderabad as well. He explains that they will be modifying this SUV with an imported Lexus kit.

The presenter elaborates that they will customize the front and rear of the car keeping the sides intact. He added that the bonnet and the fender in the front will be utilized from the stock car but the front bumper, grille and rear bumper will be changed out to mimic the more expensive Lexus cars. For those unaware Lexus is the luxury arm wing of the Japanese automaker Toyoto Motor Corporation and they have multiple luxury SUVs and sedans in their lineup amongst which the Lexus LX is the most recognized model. Many Fortuner owners in the country have modified their old Fortuners with this kit.

Toyota Fortuner Type 2 neatly modified to look like a luxurious Lexus SUV [Video]

Moving on in the video the presenter then explains that they have done this conversion before as well. He added that in general the owners of the vehicles love to swap out the headlamps and taillamps for all-LED units but here they will be doing something unique. He explains that instead of using an imported headlight set that comes with DRLs they will be opening up the stock headlamps and will be doing something that has not been seen in India on a Fortuner.

Following the introduction and explanation of the overall customizations that will be done on the vehicle the car then gets disassembled by the technicians of the workshop. They open the doors panels, wing mirrors and then strip the entire car’s original paint. Then they start the process of pulling the dents and filling them and sanding them to smooth. Later the car gets primered and prepared for paint by masking with tapes and plastic sheets and finally it gets painted in the same Toyota White that it came in.

After the car gets completely painted it gets a buff and polish and the entire front and rear of the car gets reassembled. In the end we can note that the headlamps gets two unique LED strips in the bottom and the top and in the rear it gets an illuminated Fortuner insignia. The presenter then brings the owner of the car on the video and asks for a feedback to which the owner replies that the job has been done amazingly beyond expectations.

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