Toyota Fortuner type 2 with Lexus body kit looks sporty & premium [video]

Toyota Fortuner like many other products from the Japanese car maker is known for its reliability and sturdiness. We have featured several Toyota Fortuners on our website that have covered over 2-3 lakh km on the odometer without any major issues with the engine. When compared to other cars in the market, many of these Fortuner SUVs have started looking old. For those customers, there are several customisation and modification options available in the market. Here we have a video that shows a type 2 Toyota Fortuner SUV neatly modified with a Lexus body kit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of this SUV had dropped the Fortuner at the workshop for conversion work. The SUV was not in a bad condition but it had started looking old. The team starts by working on the exterior of the car first. The grille, headlamps, and bumper were all removed. The SUV has some dents on the panels and they were all fixed using a dent puller machine. Once the dents were fixed, a coat of putty was applied on the car. The excess putty was then removed using a sander.

Once the dents were removed, a new Lexus type front grille, and bumper were all installed on the SUV. Primer was applied on the whole car and then it was driven to the paint booth. The owner had done browsed through several colour options and finalised Red. They finalised Rubino Red which is a premium shade that is normally seen on Bentley cars. The whole car was painted in this shade of Red. Clear coat was also applied to the car to achieve a glossy finish. Along with the front bumper, the rear bumper was also changed.

Toyota Fortuner type 2 with Lexus body kit looks sporty & premium

The new Lexus bumper had chrome outlines around the grille, there are dual-function LED DRLs on the bumper and the stock headlamps have been replaced with aftermarket units. Coming to the side profile, the original alloy wheels on this Fortuner were also replaced with dual-tone wheels. The new set of 17 inch alloy wheels were looking great on the SUV and the overall look of the car just elevated. The new shade of Red was looking extremely good of the SUV. This is probably the only Fortuner in the country to be finished in this shade. Along with the exterior, the interior of this Fortuner have also been modified.

The all beige interiors on this Fortuner have been redone in Rubino Red and ice grey shade. The upper part of the dashboard of the car has been painted red. Similarly the door also gets this colour. The door pads have been wrapped leather and the original seat covers have been replaced with custom made seat covers. The fit and finish of the seat cover looks brilliant and the overall look of the cabin is premium. The roof liner is now black and that is because it now comes with Rolls Royce-inspired starlight roof lights. The steering wheel has been customised and there are 7D floor mats too. The customer and his family were surprised with the way this conversion project turned out.