Toyota Fortuner Type 3 neatly converted into Legender [Video]

The Japanese multinational automaker Toyota Fortuner’s popularity in the country has grown to unprecedented levels and as it stands not a single vehicle in its range can dethrone it. Banking on this growing demand the company recently also introduced its second most expensive iteration the Legender as well. Currently, the Fortuner Legender retails at Rs 42.82-46.54 Lakh (ex-showroom) which is quite a steep price increase over a standard Fortuner. This is where the various custom autobody shops across the country have come forward and started offering conversion kits for type 3 Fortuners. These kits help in transforming the Type 3 models into Legenders.

One such autobody shop in the country that in the recent few months has attained a large following on YouTube has recently shared another one of these conversions. Auto Rounders, which is a complete automotive shop having workshops in Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad shared a video on its YouTube channel in which they once again have immaculately transformed a standard type 3 Fortuner into a beautiful Legender.

The Fortuner type 3 in the video was a grey metallic vehicle which was brought in by the customer for a complete transformation into a fully Black Legender. The presenter in the video explained that the owner of the vehicle already went through the process of RTO for color change and had written approval for this new paint job. He added that they will be painting the entire car in the paint booth using high quality materials from Germany. The presenter then went to show all the parts that will be changed like the grille, front and rear bumpers, headlights, tailights and also stated that the they will have to repair a few dents and damages around the entire vehicle as well.

Toyota Fortuner Type 3 neatly converted into Legender [Video]

Like we previously mentioned, the presenter also went on to explain that why converting a type 3 Fortuner to Legender makes perfect sense. He explained that currently the Legender has gone upto Rs 55 lakhs on road price wise and if anybody wishes to upgrade to a Legender will have to sell their standard SUV at around Rs 22 lakh and then add around Rs 30-33 lakh just for the upgrade. So he said that it becomes cheaper to have Legender with a conversion kit rather than going through the long and tedious process of buying and selling.

In the video we can then note that the vehicle goes through a dismantling process where the old bumpers headlights, grille, and mirrors were removed. Following this the autobody technicians then test fitted the upgraded conversion kit parts to check for the gaps and body lines after which it went through the process of bodywork. The technicians then went on to mark the imperfections on the bonnet and other panels and started sanding, denting and repairing damages. Later the entire SUV gets primer-ed and then goes into the paint booth where a painter paints it in the Toyota proprietary Phantom black paint.

At the end the presenter then once again walks around the entire vehicle explaining the merits of this conversion and adds that they have also painted the alloy wheels in black along with brake calipers in red to give it a fresher look. He went to say that the only way it can be distinguished from the outside that it is not a genuine Legender is by spotting the alloy wheels. Although he further adds that apart from that it looks identical to factory Legender spec Fortuner.