Toyota Fortuner Type 3 neatly modified to Legender: How much does this modification cost? [Video]

Toyota Fotuner prices have gone up over the years. Other than Fortuner, Toyota is also offering the Legender and GR-S variant of the Fortuner in the market. If you are planning to buy a top-end Fortuner or Legender, it is definitely going to cost you over Rs 50 lakh. This is one of the reason why many people who own older-generation Fortuner SUVs are unwilling to upgrade to the current generation. Most of the Fortuner owners are happy with the trouble-free nature of the SUV and are just bored with the exterior looks. In order to solve this issue, people opt for conversion kits and one of the commonly seen conversion these days is a Fortuner to Legender conversion kit.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of this type 3 Fortuner wanted to convert his SUV to look like a Legender. This is the pre-facelift Fortuner and the owner has been using the car for almost 5 years. These conversions can be done from an authorised Toyota dealership too but, in that case the cost of the kit itself is around Rs 3.5 lakh to 4 lakh. The kit used on this Fortuner is an imported aftermarket kit which is way more affordable than the original.

As part of the conversion, the front bumper, headlamps, grille, fog lamps and fog lamp covers were removed. At the rear, the tail lamps and the rear bumper were also removed. Once it was removed, they installed the new kit and checked headlamps, tail lamps and other electrical components in the car. After this was done, they started working on body panels that had dents in them. They were not completely repainting the SUV as most of the panels were in good condition. The dents were fixed and the excess putty from these panels were removed using a sander. The original paint from the panels that had to repainted were sanded off and they were individually painted in the paint booth.

Toyota Fortuner Type 3 neatly modified to Legender: How much does this modification cost? [Video]

This allows them to get a factory finish. The new Legender bumper and grille were also painted in the same manner. Once the car was repainted, the colour of the newly painted and older panels looked different. In order to solve this issues, the team did paint correction and also applied ceramic coating on the whole SUV. Once this was done, the whole car had started look like a brand new Legender SUV. The owner of this SUV had also opted for 18 inch alloy wheels which replaced the stock 17 inch units. The work done on this SUV looks extremely good and the finished product was definitely looking like a Legender.

The video also talks about the cost of this conversion, which is normally not mentioned in many of these videos. The kit alone would cost around Rs 4 lakh when bought from a Toyota service centre. This does not include the labour and painting charges. In this case, the conversion was done for Rs 2 lakh. The alloy wheels and the ceramic coating were additional services opted by the customer.

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