Toyota Fortuner type 3 neatly modified to look like a Legender [Video]

One of the main issue that many Toyota Fortuner owners are facing at the moment is that there SUV has started looking old from the outside but the car is working just fine. Toyota has made cosmetic changes to the exterior of the Fortuner and even launched the Legender edition which makes the type 3 version look old. They cannot simply upgrade to the latest Fortuner because it is too expensive. For those who want to upgrade the look of their type 3 Fortuner, there are several aftermarket options available in the market. Here we have one such video where a Toyota Fortuner type 3 model is neatly modified to look like Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of a type 3 Toyota Fortuner (pre-facelift model) wanted to give his SUV a fresh look. The car had started looking outdated on the outside but, it was running without any issues like any Toyota. There were several minor dents on the body of the Fortuner. They were all fixed using a dent puller machine and later a thin coat of putty was applied on it. The excess putty was later removed using a sander to achieve an even look. Onc the dents were fixed and putty had dried out, the original paint on the SUV was sanded and after that, a coat of primer was applied on the whole car.

The owner had opted for a Deep Black shade without any metal flakes in it. This type of solid Black is normally seen on sports cars. The shade was going well with the overall look of the Fortuner as the owner wanted it to look sporty. The chrome garnishes on the car were all removed or blacked out. Once the colour was decided, it was taken to the paint booth and the whole Fortuner was spray painted. A clear coat was also applied over the paint to ahieve a glossy finish. As part of the Fortuner to Legender conversion, some of the panels on the SUV were replaced. This includes front grille, headlamps, tail lamps and front and rear bumper.

Toyota Fortuner type 3 neatly modified to look like a Legender [Video]

They were all replaced with Legender type headlamps, tail lamps, grille and bumpers. These panels were also painted in gloss black. Video mentions that these are not original Toyota products but, aftermarket units of good quality. The triple LED headlamps, dual function LED DRLs on both the bumper and inside the headlamps all work just like the original version. They do not cost as much as the original units too. The facelift version of Fortuner and Legender come with a different design for alloys. The owner retained the original alloy wheels but, they were completely painted black for a sportier look. The interior of the Toyota Fortuner is actually not modified. It looks like the owner only wanted a make over for the exterior alone. The final product looks stunning. The gloss black shade completely elevated the look of the SUV and it looks like a brand new SUV right out of the production line.

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