Toyota Fortuner type 3 pre-facelift neatly converted into Legender [Video]

Toyota Fortuner has a huge fanbase and just like its price, the popularity of the SUV has also gone up in years. Toyota is currently offering the regular Fortuner and Legender variant in the market. Legender is a much more premium and expensive version of Fortuner with cosmetic changes. Many people who own type 3 Fortuners have already installed conversion kits on their SUVs. Here we have a video where a pre-facelift type 3 Toyota Fortuner has been nealty converted to look like a Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The owner of this Fortuner dropped the SUV at the workshop for Legender conversion. The pre-facelift type 3 SUV was looking outdated and there were many dents and scratches on the body panels too. The team soon started working on the SUV and as part of the conversion, the team started removing all the dents and scratches from the panels. They used den puller machines to fix the dents and then filled these corrected panels with thin coat of putty.

The putty was applied to achieve an even finish on the car. While the dents were being fixed, the original stock headlamps, grille, bumper, taillamps and rear bumper of this Fortuner were removed. The aftermarket Legender body kit was then installed to check if everything sits properly in place. After dummy fitting the panels, they were removed. By just replacing these panels, the front fascia of the car completely changed and the SUV had started to look like a Legender.

The owner did not opt for a colour change on this SUV. After installing the new panels, the original paint from the car was sanded and they taken to the paint booth after applying primer. The whole car was painted in Pearl White shade which is usually used in Volvo cars. The car was looking brilliant in this shade of gloss pearl white. The chrome garnish on the tail gate has been blacked out and most of the chrome elements have been replaced with gloss black. Along with the exterior, interior of this car has also been customised.

Toyota Fortuner type 3 pre-facelift neatly converted into Legender [Video]

Originally Toyota offers a Red and Black themed interior with the Legender. In this case however, the owner has opted for an all-black theme. The SUV gets Suede material on the seat covers. This is a custom made seat cover which comes with Red colour stitching for a sporty appeal. The original leather seat covers had started to look on and had lost shape over the years of use. The custom made seat covers look extremely great and they completely change the look of the cabin.

The dashboard, center console and door pads are all wrapped in leather. It also gets gloss black marble finish trims in the cabin. The steering wheel has been wrapped in genuine leather and the upper portion gets black wooden finish. Autorounders have also installed ambient lights in the cabin along with 7D floor mats. The SUV looks like a brand new vehicle right from the production line. The only catch here are the alloy wheels which the owner has not changed.