6 times the Toyota Fortuner proved that it’s UNSTOPPABLE [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the best selling full size SUV in India. The brutish SUV is a true blue off roader as well. Even in stock form, the Fortuner is never shy of taking the fight to any kind of terrain. It has some worthy challengers in its segment like the Ford Endeavour and the recently launched Mahindra Alturas G4, but the Fortuner has maintained its own charm over these years. Talking about its off-road prowess, it comes with high-low range gearbox, 4WD and powerful engines among others. Let’s now take a look at some examples which prove it is a butch off roader.

Wading through 700 mm of water easily

SUVs are meant to be fun and sporty in terrain conditions where most other vehicles would develop cold feet. In this video, we see the Fortuner go through a water wading test of 700 mm. As seen in the video, the Fortuner achieves this easily and makes it look like a child’s play. The official water wading capacity of Fortuner is also rated at 700 mm, but with some more kit, it can easily do much more than that.


Now water wading is one thing, but swimming is quite different for any SUV. However, that’s what we see in this video, where a Toyota Fortuner plunges into the water and gets out in sometime, after having some fun. This goes on to show the off road prowess this SUV has and the tank like built quality it possesses.


Going down steep inclines


While climbing a steep incline is quite a tough task, coming down a steep slope is equally challenging if not more. Like we see in this video, the Fortuner comes down an extremely steep incline which is almost at a right angle in the starting. However, the Fortuner manages to climb down,slowly and steadily. The red band you see tied to the back of the SUV is tied to another vehicle on top of the slope and is used as a precaution. It is not helping the SUV in any way but is employed to pull the Fortuner back into position if it loses balance.

Jumping like monster trucks

Now monster trucks come with special tires and highly raised, heavy duty suspensions which allow them to do all sorts of trickery and stunts they do. In this video, however, we see the Fortuner taking a leap of faith (pun intended) and land quite smoothly. It made it possible by the brute force of its engine and a high ground clearance of 220 mm.

Making beach sands look easy

Driving around beaches is not really recommended. Even we have advised against in our past posts unless the beach is marked as driving friendly. But it seems like the Fortuner got no chills. In the video we see how effortlessly it moves over the lose sand, making it look like a child’s play. Notice the deep tire path the SUV leaves in the end of the video.

No place unreachable for it

SUV owners (with proper SUVs) often can be found saying that their fun begins where the roads end. Normally, people leave there vehicles in a parking or by roadside when they have to go to an unpaved and rocky area, which is a potential threat to the vehicles. The Fortuner however does not take no as an answer. As we see in the video, it manages to go through such a treacherous rocky path that many would not even attempted to reach, leave alone taking there cars.