Toyota Fortuner and Jeep Meridian SUV in a comparison video

Currently in the 7-seater SUV segment, Toyota Fortuner is the most popular model. It won’t be wrong to say that Fortuner has created a space for itself in this segment. Several SUVs have been introduced to this particular segment but, they could never pose a threat to the mighty Toyota Fortuner. Now Jeep is trying their luck in this segment with their all-new 7-seater SUV Meridian. Over the years, price for Toyota Fortuner has increased and the top-end variant now costs over 50 lakh. The Jeep Meridian’s price starts from 29.90 lakh, ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 36.95 lakh. ex-showroom. The production for Jeep Meridian has already started the deliveries for the same are expected to start some time later this month. Here we have a comparison video between Jeep Meridian and Toyota Fortuner.

The video has been uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary on her YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger compares Toyota Fortuner with a brand new Jeep Meridian. The vlogger personally uses a Toyota Fortuner and appreciates several thing about the SUV. In order to be fair, she brought a staff from Jeep dealership to explain all the features of the Meridian. They start by talking about the exterior design of the SUVs.

She starts with Toyota Fortuner. The one seen here is the facelifted version which came with a revised front end. The overall look of the Fortuner was aggressive and the vlogger personally liked it. The Jeep Meridian has a typical Jeep like front-end and the usage of chrome on the front grille gave it a premium look. The sleeker looking headlamps on Meridian looked better in vlogger’s opinion. Coming to the side profile, the design of the alloy wheels have been updated in the facelift version but, the one seen here gets the same old dual tone alloy wheel.

Toyota Fortuner and Jeep Meridian SUV in a comparison video

When compared with Jeep Meridian, the 18 inch wheels on Fortuner are wider. The Jeep Meridian gets an interesting looking dual-tone alloy wheel design. Toyota Fortuner is taller which means there is a foot step installed on the SUV for easy ingress and egress. The Jeep Meridian is not as tall as Fortuner. As we move to the rear both SUVs get LED tail lamps. Just like the front, vlogger personally like the sleek looking clear lens LED split tail lamp unit on Meridian. After explaining the exterior design, they check the boot. As Fortuner is slightly taller, it has a slightly bigger boot. Jeep Meridian also has a large boot with third row seat down.

Vlogger then moves in and starts comparing the interior. Jeep Meridian offers a much more premium looking interior. It comes with features like large floating type touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The car also gets fully digital instrument cluster, front ventilated seats, leather seats, panoramic sunroof, electrically adjustable seats, automatic climate control and so on. When vlogger went to check the Fortuner interior, she was a bit disappointed as it looked very basic. Many of the  features that are mentioned above are not available with Fortuner even in the top-end variant. Overall, she was very impressed with the pricing and the features that Jeep Meridian offers and felt that it can be a strong contender to Fortuner.