Toyota Fortuner with Rolls Royce-like starlit roof is real COOL [Video]

The luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has a few unique luxury features that make its vehicles outclass any other car in the segment. The starlit roofline is one such feature that is only available with the Rolls- Royce cars. It makes the vehicle even more opulent and gives a plush feeling to the occupants.

Motomind Automotive Designs is a customisation house that has worked with quite a few cars in the past. They have released a new video that shows the starlit roofline of a Toyota Fortuner and it looks majestic. Similar to the Rolls-Royce cars, the starlit roofline installed in the previous-generation Fortuner uses optical fibres to give the effect. The Rolls-Royce officially uses as many as 1,340 lamps of different intensities to light up the roofline of their cars. However, it is not known how many lights are used by Motormind to replicate the effect.

The video also shows that there are twin screens – one installed at the front and one at the rear to control the lights. The occupants can use the touch-sensitive screens to choose their desired colour and set the intensity of the roof-mounted lamps. Also, the price of the modification is not mentioned anywhere but it sure looks expensive and takes a lot of time to be installed on the roof.

Other modifications on the Fortuner can be seen in the video too. It gets individual entertainment screens for the rear passengers and new seats that look much more comfortable than the stock ones. The car gets a new grille on the outside that replaces the original chrome boundary and gives a macho look to the vehicle. Other changes include new headlamp bulbs and a new front bumper that now adds a skid plate.

The older generation Toyota Fortuner is preferred by many as it looks much more butch than the all-new Fortuner. The Fortuner remains the best-selling vehicle in the segment and attracts a lot of buyers. The extremely good build quality of the Fortuner and the bullet-proof engine make it so popular in the market.