Toyota Glanza CNG launched at Rs 8.43 lakh

Toyota introduced its first CNG model in India in the form of Glanza. The premium hatchback is available only with the mid-level S and G variants. The price starts at Rs 8.43 lakh, ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 9.46 lakh. Toyota has also confirmed the launch of the CNG variant of Urban Cruiser Hyryder, which is Toyota’s variant of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza.

Toyota Glanza CNG launched at Rs 8.43 lakh

The price of the Toyota Glanza CNG is about Rs 90,000 more compared to the standard petrol model. The Glanza E-CNG gets a similar feature list. Under the hood, the Glanza E-CNG draws the power from a 1.2-litre four-cylinder K-Series engine that produces a maximum power of 77 PS and peak torque of 98.5 Nm on CNG.

Toyota cliams that the Glanza E-CNG will returns a fuel efficiency of 30.61 km per kg. The CNG variants will not offer the idle start-stop function that is available with the standard petrol models. The five-speed transmission is also carried forward.

The brand will also bring the new Ubran Cruiser Hyryder E-CNG in the coming weeks. The new mid-size SUV will be available with the mid-spec S and G variants that gets the 1.5-litre petrol VVT engine that Toyota likes to call NeoDrive.

Mr. Atul Sood, Associate Vice President, Sales, and Strategic Marketing, TKM, said,

“Being a customer centric company, TKM believes in placing customer’s interest at the forefront. Our goal at Toyota has always been to serve the markets needs with a clear focus on customers’ aspirations, and by providing the most viable products and services to our customers. With the same vision in mind, we are delighted to announce our foray in the CNG segment, driving in CNG variants for two of our much sought- after offerings, the Toyota Glanza & the Urban Cruiser Hyryder.”

Toyota Glanza

The new Glanza gets a completely different face compared to the Baleno. It gets a new grille that makes it look more like the Toyota family. Toyota has even updated the headlamps. The headlamps of the Glanza get L-shaped DRLs that give a unique identity to the new hatchback.

Toyota has also added new alloy wheels to the Glanza. Other than that, the rear of the Glanza gets new split tail lamps similar to the Baleno. There are no other changes in the car. Just like the Baleno, it is an evolution of design over the previous-generation hatchback.

Inside, the Glanza is very similar to the Baleno. It gets a few changes but the features list remains the same. The Toyota Glanza gets a dual-tone dashboard and seats. The vehicle gets new climate control switches as well. The new Glanza gets two analogue dials and a MID on the instrument cluster. The new Glanza also gets a Head-Up Display and 360-degree camera.

The 9.0-inch infotainment system gets wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Toyota has also added the Akramys-tuned sound system that is also available with the Baleno. The infotainment system gets Toyota i-Connect that allows a long list of remote features. The new system also connects to the smartwatch.

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