This Toyota Hiace is a home on wheels

Japanese automaker Toyota is known for offering reliable products around the world. Toyota Innova Crysta that has been ruling the MPV segment for a very long time is actually a great example of the same. Internationally Toyota has many other MPVs but, we only got few of them. Toyota Hiace is one such MPV which was brought to Indian market in limited numbers. It is a rare sight on our roads and it terms of pricing it sits between the Innova Crysta and Vellfire. The Hiace is a large MPV which is generally spotted in commercial segment. Here we have a video where a Hiace has been completely modified on the inside.

The video has been published by Revokid Vlogs on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger showing the modification or customisations that has been done to the exterior of the car. Vlogger explains that it is a 2016 model Toyota Hiace and it has been completely modified by OJES automobiles. The car belongs to the garage itself and is used for research and development of new modifications.

On the outside, everything on the MPV remains stock. There are chrome garnishes at the front, a crash guard and LED headlamps and aftermarket LED tail lamps on this MPV. The major modification on the exterior is the custom made front and rear bumper. The number plate area at the rear gets chrome plate with LED lights and a roof mounted spoiler with marker lights have also been installed on this Hiace.

This Toyota Hiace is a home on wheels

Vlogger then moves inside the MPV. Toyota Hiace comes with doors only on the left hand side. It gets a electrically opening sliding door. Hiace offers lot of space on the inside. It is actually more than an MPV and offers space like a mini bus. The rear cabin in this Hiace has been separated from the driver cabin using a glass partition. The glass can be rolled down if the passenger wants to speak with the driver.

The flooring is now wooden and the rear cabin can seat up to 7 people in it. The first two seats in the cabin can be adjusted electrically and there are other features like ambient lighting, premium speaker system, LED TV, mini refrigerator inside the cabin. As we move to the rear, there is a small washroom is also included inside the car. Opposite to the restroom area is a sink and a gas top which can be used in case the passengers want to cook a meal.

The driver’s cabin on this Toyota Hiace also gets customisations. The driver cabin can also fit three people if needed. One of the seats in this cabin can be folded down to be used as an armrest by both driver and co-driver. The armrest also comes with storage spaces and the dashboard gets a wooden finish to it. Overall, the work done on this Hiace looks very neat.  The MPV is not modified as a caravan and if you are looking for such type of cusotmisations, then the seat configurations and many other features will have to rearranged. This MPV currently is suitable for a family who loves to be on the road most of the time.