Toyota Hilux Modified With Imported Accessories And Lift Kit Is A Beast [Video]

Toyota Hilux modified featured

The Toyota Hilux is one of the few proper luxury off-roading pick-up trucks available in India. This model is a niche product from Toyota and hence not as popular as its sibling, Fortuner. However, the people who love it see no bounds and modify it to the extreme. Recently, one such extremely modified Toyota Hilux has been shared online. This particular model gets a number of modifications including metal bumpers, a roll bar, LED lights, and others.

This video of the Toyota Hilux modified with a number of accessories has been shared on YouTube by Azad 4X4 on their channel. The presenter first gives an overview of this particular model. He then starts showing all the modifications and accessories added to this brand-new Hilux off-road pickup truck.

Toyota Hilux modifications: Front

Starting at the front, the first thing the presenter shows is the addition of a new bonnet scoop. He mentions that this scoop has not been added by drilling on the bonnet. Instead, it has been stuck on with the help of 3M tape.

Toyota Hilux Modified With Imported Accessories And Lift Kit Is A Beast [Video]

He highlights that if the customer, after some time, wants to remove it, they can easily take it off and it won’t damage the bonnet underneath. Next up, he shows the newly added more aggressive-looking grille. This grille replaces the old grille with a massive Toyota logo with red Toyota lettering. It also gets amber lights.

The front also gets an imported Hamer metal bumper. For those unaware, Hamer is a popular off-road parts manufacturer from Thailand. This bumper gets a winch slot, mounting points for additional lights, and a light bar. It also offers a better approach angle.

Mechanical upgrades

Next up, the presenter shows the mechanical upgrade, which is a 2-inch lift kit from Profender. He states that it is an adjustable kit and the suspension can be tweaked easily. The presenter then also shows the addition of underbody protection from Hamer along with shackles on the bumper.

Side profile

Toyota Hilux Modified With Imported Accessories And Lift Kit Is A Beast [Video]

Before moving on to the side profile, the presenter adds that it also gets amber lights on top as well. He then shows the side profile of the SUV. He states that the fenders get a shark skin coating like the front bumper.

It also gets additional black elements that cover door handles, headlights, and taillights along with the fuel filler cap. The presenter adds that this vehicle is currently on stock wheels which will be changed soon.


Toyota Hilux Modified With Imported Accessories And Lift Kit Is A Beast [Video]

Lastly, the presenter shows the modifications done on the rear of this Hilux. He states by showing the original Hamer roll cage along with the Lunar luggage carrier. Next up, he shows the automatic canopy cover for the truck bed.

He states that it can be operated via remote control. It can be opened and closed with a click of the button. Additionally, it also gets LED lights. Next up, he shows the new rear bumper again from Hamer. He states that it also gets a place for additional LED lights. Apart from this, he also shows a tow hitch attachment plate. He states that it can be used to attach a tow hook.