Toyota Hilux topples while off-roading; Keeps passengers safe

toyota hilux topples off road gurgaon

Toyota Hilux came to the Indian market after a lot of anticipation. While Hilux did not gain instant popularity, it did attract a lot of enthusiasts, especially the ones who love to off-road. During an off-roading event in Gurugram, Haryana, a Hilux toppled and turned turtle. But the passengers were safe and came out without any injuries.

Toyota Hilux topples while off-roading; Keeps passengers safe


The incident happened while tackling an obstacle on the off-road course. The owner possibly misjudged the track and the vehicle lost its balance. The car came to a rest on its roof. The accident happened slowly and the passengers inside were not injured.

The photos show that all the pillars of the Hilux were intact without signs of damage, which ensured that the cabin did not crush due to the weight on the roof. Such incidents are quite common during extreme off-roading and that is why the cabin is heavily secured.

It’s crucial to keep everything secure in a vehicle, especially during off-roading. Sitting in open areas without a safety harness or seatbelt is not advisable, as off-roading can be unpredictable. In case the vehicle turns over, an unrestrained person in the rear could be seriously injured. It’s wise to have off-road experts guide you through such terrains, ensuring a safe experience. Some drivers may skip seatbelts on low-momentum obstacles, thinking it allows for easier escape if the vehicle topples. However, for those with less off-roading experience, wearing seatbelts at all times is essential.

Hilux is a supremely capable off-roader: Video below depicts the excellent off-road manners of the Hilux

Seatbelts are necessary not only for off-roading but also for regular driving. Additionally, unsecured items like soft toys, water bottles, and mobile phones should be kept securely in the vehicle. In case of an accident, these objects can become projectiles and cause serious injuries. Storing luggage in the boot and securing objects in seat pockets or door pockets while travelling is a good practice to ensure safety.

While the Toyota Hilux has a long wheelbase of 3085mm, it’s still a top-heavy vehicle. Pickups and SUVs, due to their higher ground clearance, are more prone to tipping over compared to regular hatchbacks or sedans. Driving SUVs at high speeds requires extra caution. The elevated ground clearance shifts the vehicle’s centre of gravity, making it more unstable. This makes high-speed turns in an SUV feel unsettling, unlike the more stable experience in lower-profile cars such as sedans.

The increased risk of tilting and toppling is a result of the higher ground clearance in SUVs. Hence, drivers, especially those transitioning from sedans, need to be extra careful and attentive while driving SUVs.

It’s crucial not to venture into off-roading places without proper equipment or a recovery vehicle. Getting stuck is common, and assistance might be delayed in reaching remote areas. A recovery vehicle proves beneficial in various situations. If one car is severely stuck and another vehicle can’t assist in the recovery, the other can go to the nearest town for help. Also Read: Millionaire Boby Chemmanur’s Ford F650 makes the Toyota Hilux look like a toy: Images

Off-roading can be enjoyable with the correct tools, knowledge, and experience. However, without the right knowledge or tools, getting stuck can lead to unfavourable outcomes.