Toyota Hilux pick up truck neatly modified for overlanding [Video]

Toyota Hilux is one of the popular lifestyle pick up truck available on sale in India. It competes with Isuzu V-Cross in the segment but, is a lot more expensive when it comes to pricing. Ever since its launch, we have seen several examples of modified Toyota Hilux from different parts of the country. Many customers even imported accessories to modify their pick up truck. Here we have a video where an ex-Isuzu V-Cross owner talks about the modification he did on his recently bought Hilux for overlanding.

The video has been uploaded by caravan bharat on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger asks the Hilux owner about the modifications and changes he did on the vehicle to make it more suitable for overlanding. First thing one would notice on this Hilux is the tent. The tent is installed over cargo bed on the pick up truck. He is using a tent from Nomad brand which is comfortable for two people. The tent is placed on a flat piece of slab which is mounted on brackets that are attached to the cargo bed. The cargo bed now gets two compartments to store the tools and recovery equipment and kitchen essentials.

The left over space in the cargo bed is used to store other items as well. There is a small inverter inside the car which is charged using a solar panel. The owner mentions that it is sufficient for a days back up and the can charge laptops and smartphones. He’s planning to install a bigger set up where the solar panels would be installed on the roof of the Hilux. Talking about the other changes, the owner mentions that he changed the stock Highway terrain tyres on Hilux with all-terrain tyres from BF Goodrich. These offer better experience while off-roading and are comfortable on the road as well.

Toyota Hilux pick up truck neatly modified for overlanding [Video]

The pick up truck comes with an extended metal skid plate which the owner had installed for added protection. There is a 50 litre water storage tank in the cargo bed and other than that, it has a 20 litre water stored in a jerry can as well. There are couple of 20 litre jerry cans in the truck filled with diesel for emergency purposes. overall, the overlanding set up on this truck looks good. He mentions that he was using the V-Cross earlier and when planned to upgrade to a new vehicle, he had no other choice but Hilux.

He was using the V-Cross with a manual gearbox and he wanted an automatic SUV. When compared with Hilux, V-Cross that is available in India is still a generation old and it does not offer many features like diff locks and so on. All these factors tempted the owner to settle for Hilux even if it is expensive. He bought the Hilux from Karnataka and the on-road price of this pick-up was around Rs 46 lakh which is almost 12 lakh more than the top-end variant of the Isuzu V-Cross. The owner is very happy with the Hilux overall.