Toyota Hilux with modifications worth Rs 35 lakh is a head turner [Video]

Last year, Toyota finally launched their popular pick up truck Hilux in India. The truck received such an overwhelming response that Toyota had to temporarily stop accepting bookings. The deliveries for the Hilux has commenced in India and we have been seeing videos from various owners online. Many of them have already modified the truck as per their requirement. Here we have one such Toyota Hilux pick-up truck that has been extensively modified. This pick up truck has got modifications worth Rs 35 lakh and is a head turner.

The video has been uploaded by HER GARAGE on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger speaks to the owner of this Toyota Hilux. The owner talks about all the modifications that he has done to the truck. He starts with the front. The stock bumper on the Hilux has been replaced with an off-road spec aftermarket metal bumper. There is a heavy-duty winch placed right behind the bumper. There are two large auxiliary lamps on the bumper and couple of aftermarket fog lamps have been installed too. All the lights are LED units. The headlamps also get aftermarket LED DRLs in it.

There is a bug deflector on the bonnet along with couple of auxiliary lamps and a snorkel. There is a roof rack and an LED bar on the roof of this Hilux. This pick up truck looks slightly taller than regular Hilux and that is because it gets 4 inch lift kit. The wheels have been replaced too. It now rides on 22 ich aftermarket alloy wheels and tyres. In total, the Hilux is almost 6 inch taller than a stock one. The suspension on this SUV has been upgraded too. There is a metal rock slider or footboard installed to make it easier for people to get in and out of the vehicle.

Toyota Hilux with modifications worth Rs 35 lakh is a head turner [Video]

As we move to the rear, there is a metal canopy installed on this truck. The rear portion is completely closed because of this canopy and it has been converted into a one large boot for all the equipment and place to store all the supplies while the owner goes out on a road trip. The owner can be heard saying in the video that he has already taken this Hilux to the mountains couple of times and now he is planning to do a road trip to Southern states of India. The owner has also installed 360 degree camera, radio antennas for internal communications and also blindspot mirrors.

As the wheels on this truck are extremely wide, the owner had to go for a custom-made fender that make sure that the wheels remain inside the wheel arches. This has been done both at the front and rear and this helps in achieving a neat look and also keeps the car clean while on the road. The owner has also customised the interior slightly. The dashboard gets body-coloured accents. The steering wheel has been upgraded and it also gets a high-end audio system. The stock touchscreen infotainment has been replaced with an aftermarket unit. The owner mentions that he has spent around Rs 35 lakh on modifications and it attracts a lot of eyes while on the road.