Toyota Hilux with modifications worth Rs 50 lakh is an off-road monster [Video]

After a long wait, Toyota officially launched the Hilux pickup truck in the Indian market last year. It is currently the most expensive dual-cab pickup one can buy in India. Enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for the Hilux have already bought it. Due to its steep pricing, it is not the most common vehicle one would find on the road. Even after one year, spotting a Hilux on Indian roads is very rare. Those who have bought the car have already started spending money on modifications. We have featured a couple of them on our website already. Here we have a video from Kerala, where a Hilux was converted into a special-purpose vehicle. This special-purpose vehicle has modifications worth Rs 50 lakh.

The video has been uploaded by GOKZ MOTOGRAPHY on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the modifications that have been done to the vehicle. The vlogger mentions that the car was registered in Madhya Pradesh as Kerala MVD does not allow customers to register the Hilux as a private vehicle in the state. Starting with the front, the Toyota Hilux gets an off-road bumper from the brand RAD. Along with the bumper, the bonnet, fenders, and the front grille were all replaced. The fenders are now wider, and the bonnet is bigger than the stock version. It also has a couple of scoops on it.

The grille is all blacked out, and it comes with amber lights integrated into it. Behind the grille, there is an orange-colored LED light bar too. There are shackles and a heavy-duty electric winch installed at the front of the SUV. The bumper even gets aftermarket LED fog lamps and front sensors. With all these modifications, the front of the Hilux looks a lot more aggressive. The bumper has also improved the approach angle of this SUV. Coming to the side profile, the stock alloy wheels on this SUV have been replaced with an aftermarket off-road spec wheel. The tires wrapped around the wheels are 20 inches in size and are suited for extreme conditions. The stock ORVM on this truck has been replaced with a bigger one. The height of the SUV has gone up as it now gets a 7-inch lift kit. The suspension setup on this SUV has also been upgraded to suit off-road needs.

Toyota Hilux with modifications worth Rs 50 lakh is an off-road monster [Video]
Modified Toyota Hilux

As we move to the rear, you notice a roll bar. This is from a brand called Option. There is an electronic shutter to the loading bay at the rear. This can be controlled using a remote. A bright LED light has also been installed to make it easier to use at night. There are auxiliary lamps on the bonnet and roof of the car. During off-roading, light plays an important role as it allows you to look at the track or obstacle clearly and drive accordingly. The stock tail lamps have been replaced with aftermarket smoked LED units with a cover. The rear bumper has also been replaced with a metal off-road unit. The side step on this SUV is electronically retractable, which makes getting in and out much easier.

The video mentions that this vehicle also gets body graphics with an Airbus H series helicopter on it. It is a custom-made graphic as this vehicle will be used as a special-purpose vehicle in the mountains and will work along with a helicopter. The owner purchased the Hilux for around Rs 52 lakh. Most of the components used for this modification were imported from the USA, Australia, and Thailand. The approximate cost of the modification is said to be around Rs 50 lakh, which means the overall cost of this Hilux is around Rs 1 crore.