Toyota Hyryder AWD version in snow: Here’s how the mid-sized SUV stacks up [Video]

Toyota launched its first mid-size SUV in India, the Hyryder, last year. The manufacturer jointly developed this SUV with Maruti Suzuki in India, and it competes with cars such as the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, MG Astor, Skoda Kushaq, and Volkswagen Taigun in the segment. Unlike other SUVs in the segment, the Toyota Hyryder and Maruti Grand Vitara have a variant that offers the AWD feature, making them more capable than their rivals. We have a video that shows a Toyota Hyryder AWD SUV performing in extreme snow.

The video was uploaded by Gagan Choudhary on his YouTube channel. In the video, the vlogger is in Himachal Pradesh and is driving a Toyota Hyryder SUV parked in the snow. The vlogger starts by showing all the things that differentiate the 2WD version of the Hyryder from the AWD version. The first noticeable difference is the AWD badge on the lower part of the rear door. Furthermore, the AWD version has different tyres that are compatible with snow and mud.

Both Toyota and Maruti offer the AWD version with a manual transmission only. The vlogger had parked the SUV on a snow-covered road. He gets into the SUV and slowly starts driving it. The car was initially put in Auto mode, where the car automatically sends power to the rear wheels when the front wheels lose traction. The driver only has to modulate the throttle. The vlogger drove the car on a road completely covered with snow, and it was performing pretty well.

He was surprised with the way the Toyota Hyryder was responding. After driving it for some distance, he came to a point where the road looked a bit tricky. He stopped the car, got out, and then walked to check if there was a road. After confirming that, he came back and tried to drive ahead. As the car was in Auto mode, the wheels started to spin, but the SUV was not moving. He then stopped the car, selected Snow mode, and locked it. After engaging Snow mode, the SUV climbed up the small stretch very easily.

Toyota Hyryder AWD version in snow: Here’s how the mid-sized SUV stacks up [Video]
Toyota Hyryder in Snow

He even drove the SUV through a section where there was snow and slush, and the SUV managed to get out without any issue. He was driving the car with enough momentum to ensure that the car did not get stuck. However, driving on snow is extremely tricky, and one has to be very careful with the throttle input and braking. Aggressive acceleration or braking would make the car go out of control.

The vlogger was extremely happy with the way the Toyota Hyryder’s AWD system performed in the snow. However, this does not mean the SUV is a hardcore off-roader. It can handle snow, but taking it to extreme off-road terrains might be a bit too much. It is always a good idea to do such experiments with a backup car. In case the SUV gets stuck in snow, the vlogger might be in trouble as there is no way he can get the SUV out on his own.