Want Toyota HyRyder Base Variant? Wait For 7 Years, Says Dealer

Hyryder waiting period

Toyota launched the HyRyder SUV in the market a few years ago. It is currently the most affordable SUV one can buy from Toyota in India. Toyota did launch the Taisor in the market, but it is a rebadged version of the Maruti Fronx. We all know that the HyRyder was the first model that Toyota and Maruti developed from scratch. If you are in the market for a Toyota HyRyder, here we have a video that suggests you might have to wait for 7 years.


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The video has been shared by Yash Gupta on his Instagram page. In this video, the vlogger shows a board displaying the waiting times for different variants of the HyRyder and Hycross. We all know that car manufacturers have been facing several issues when it comes to production, which has resulted in long waiting periods.

However, in this case, the waiting period for the base variant of the HyRyder is mind-boggling. If you look at the video carefully, the waiting period for the base E MT 2WD variant of the Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder is 84 months, which is 7 years. So if you want to buy the base variant of the Toyota HyRyder, you will have to wait for 7 years.

The waiting period for other variants is comparatively less. For example, if you want the strong hybrid version, the waiting period is anywhere between 6-12 months. The mild hybrid variant has a waiting period of 2-12 months depending on the variant, except the base E version.

So, what is happening here? The reason why the base variant of the HyRyder has such a long waiting period is that Toyota has no plans to manufacture it.

Want Toyota HyRyder Base Variant? Wait For 7 Years, Says Dealer
Hyryder waiting period

It is quite possible that demand for the base variant is quite low compared to others, which is why the waiting period is so long. However, that is not the only reason. By displaying such long waiting periods, the manufacturer and dealers are actually making customers change their minds and go for a higher version with a shorter waiting period. After all, nobody wants to wait for 7 years for their new car.

It is not just the case with Toyota; almost all manufacturers do this. They often launch a base variant with almost no features and price it quite aggressively. This base variant pricing is what attracts customers to the dealership, and once they are there, they are persuaded to upgrade to higher variants that are more expensive.

If you visit a dealership inquiring about the base variant of any car, they would first discourage you and might suggest you upgrade to the upper variant as it would offer better features. The manufacturer will offer the base variant; however, the waiting period is going to be very long.

If you have been following our page, you would know that Mahindra launched their XUV700, Scorpio N, and even the Thar at very affordable prices. However, when the delivery started, the higher variants were the first to be delivered. The Scorpio N customers who had booked the lower variants had to wait for almost a year before getting delivery. In short, it is all part of their marketing strategy.